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    Enemy Territory Review
    Author: FeuerKuh
    Date Posted: July 13th, 2004
    SLRating: SLRating: 8/10
    Bottom Line: SLCentral reviewed Enemy Territory, it may be one of the best multiplayer games of all time and its free. Will you want to spend hours and hours before you have finally tried everything possible..... maybe? Read on before you try it to find out what we thought...

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    Ranks and Classes

    The soldier handles the big guns. Hes the Rambo that runs around with a flamethrower, blasts tanks and incoming reinforcements with a panzerfaust, lays down support fire with his mobile mg42, then pounds the base with mortar fire before the squad moves in.

    When you play the medic you will constantly see a syringe sign on your radar. Your job is to find wounded or hurt people, revive them with a needle or give them a few health packs. You will constantly hear I need a Medic! So look on that radar. Medic is a must-have on the team.

    The most important out of all of the characters is the engineer. The engineer can plant mines to keep enemies out of the base and they can also difuse a mine if they happen to step on one. They can also plant and defuse dynamite. It isn't possible to win the game without an engineer.

    The field ops supply fellow soldiers with ammo. When they are not resupplying buddies they are either calling in artillery on enemy positions or calling an airstrike for a quick takeout.

    The last class is the covert ops. They can throw a smoke grenade to impair the vision of friend and foe alike. They can also steal enemy suits which is a cool feature that enables you to look like an enemy, so they will not harm you unless they recognize you. Covert Ops can also blow things up with satchel charges.

    Another great feature of Enemy Territory is the ranking system. When you get a certain amount of experience points in a class, you get a star, and the more stars you get, the higher the rank you get starting at private and rising to to general.

    When you get more stars and ranks you get rewards like more ammo, improved life, etc. These aspects of the game make you want to keep going to see how far you can get.

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    1. Introduction
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    3. Gameplay
    4. Ranks & Classes
    5. System Requirements
    6. Conclusions

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