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    ePower PCMCIS Fanless 450 LION
    Author: JonnyGuru
    Date Posted:01/05/2005 13:34.10
    SLRating: SLRating: 8.5/10
    Bottom Line: This power supply does what it's supposed to do although it's a shame it's not more efficient. All and all, it's a really nice unit. And at $150 it is expensive, but delivers on performance and minimal noise.

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    Fanless 450 LION Zero Load Test One (369W) Test Two (303W) Test Three (479W)
    12V 11.58 11.92 12.46 11.53
    5V 5.34 5.11 5 5.16
    3.3V 3.35 3.26 3.26 3.24
    Efficiency 46% 75% 75% 70%
    Power Factor .58 .71 .70 .73

    Well, we can certainly say this power supply does what it's supposed to do.   It's a shame it's not more efficient.  If it were, the power supply would run cooler and the fans wouldn't have to kick in as soon as they did (not as if they really kicked in all-that-soon. 

    No doubt there's room for improvement.  Like I said; better efficiency, and, in my opinion, the fans really should keep SOME air moving.  Even if it only spins at 600RPM (the lowest revolution the fans will spin) it'd help keep the power supply cooler for a longer period.  Perhaps add the ability to maintain some fan spin after power off to help prevent damaging components.  More/different connectors (the 24-pin, PCI-e, etc.) would have been nice to see too.

    All and all, it's a really nice unit. And at $150 it is expensive, but delivers on performance and minimal noise.  Couple what this power supply has to offer with a fanless water cooling system (the Zalman Reserator) or perhaps in an upside down case (like the Lian-Li V-Cool) so the power supply isn't subject to ambient heat and this power supply can run long -haul without the fan kicking in at all, making for a very quiet PC.

    Certainly worthy of an 8.5.

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