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    Fortron-Source FSP530-60GNA
    Author: JonnyGuru
    Date Posted:20/03/2005 12:30.23
    SLRating: SLRating: 7/10
    Bottom Line: We reviewed the Fortron/Source FSP530-60GNA, FSP power supplies are known as quality units, but during our tests something went wrong..........

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    Results and Conclusions

    What's my opinion about what the outcome will be?

    I'm thinking this power supply will handle all three of my tests, despite what the label says.  I've had more recent experience with FSP power supplies than Topower, so I think there's a little biased behind me saying that this power supply will "break the maximum wattage barrier" where the Raidmax did not.

    FSP530-60GNA 530W

    Zero Load
    Test One
    Test Two (298W)
    Test Three
    Full Load
    10.87 FAIL 12.28 FAIL FAIL
    5.55 FAIL 4.93 FAIL FAIL
    3.36 FAIL 3.31 FAIL FAIL
    35% FAIL 75% FAIL FAIL
    Power Factor
    .56 FAIL .69 FAIL FAIL

    As you can see, something wen't horribly wrong.  Don't even ask me for the temperatures either.. I never even got that far.  :-(

    As soon as I hit the button on the tester for test one, there was a pop and a hiss from the power supply and then everything shut down.  I cycled the power on the power supply, unplugged it and plugged it back in, and continued to get nothing. It's clear to me that I had received a defective power supply. 

    Although this power supply is "only" rated for 18A on the 12V rail and I pushed it to 20A or more, at the very least the overload protection should have tripped. Something that could easily be reset by merely cycling the power on the power supply.

    Because of this mishap, I'm going to have to grade this power supply on a curve.  Based on what I've seen so far, and what the power supply "should" be able to do given my personal experience, I feel confident giving this power supply a 7.

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