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    Sprint Treo 300 Smartphone Review
    Author: Jakester
    Date Posted: July 21st, 2003
    SLRating: SLRating: 9/10
    Bottom Line: Sprint gave us a Treo 300 Smartphone to review, you can surf the net and have full PDA functionality and its also a phone. Gimmick or useful tool, read on to find out what we thought in our official review....

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    Physical Layout:

    Its time for the Treo to show off its stuff. Model for us Treo because its photo shoot time! First, give me a calm and sophisticated pose.

    Now an alive and sassy look!

     Very sexy Treo. Now how about a little peak at the behind.

    Oh Treo your so naughty.

    Sorry about that. I got a little carried away- anyways back to business. Lets take a look at how the Treo measures up (literally).

    The length

    The width

    The thickness

    Sorry for the poor readability of the ruler's numbers. I can assure you that the measurements are as follows... The length is 4.4 inches, the width is 2.8 inches, and the thickness is .82 inches. The picture below (from Handsprings website) compares the size of the Treo to a playing card and I can honestly say it is pretty darn close to it.

    Property of Handspring



    Property of Handspring

    Property of Handspring

    The side view and top view pictures label key features of the Treo's layout. The side view picture shows it's rocker switch, which I found to be somewhat useful to navigate around the Treo when you did not want to use the stylus. In case you aren't sure of what a "Rocker Switch" is I'll explain it. Basically it does what it's named, it is a dial that "rocks" around an axle in a both up and down direction. When released the Rocker Switch returns to its normal position. It can also be pressed in, which on the Treo performs different commands depending on which application you are using. The other feature from the side view photo is the headset jack. This can be used to plug in the headphone ear pieces that come with the Treo so that you can comfortably talk on the phone without having to hold the speaker (located at the top of the flip lid) directly to your ear. In the top view picture, we see where the stylus, power button, and ringer switch are located. The ringer switch is just a mute switch used to turn the Treo's sounds on and off.

    The power button is just that, however it also has additional options. If you hold it down, that turns the wireless mode on and off. If you press and release it that turns the power on and off. If you double tap it- it switches between two light displays. The first is a bright screen and no backlight to the keyboard (pictured above on the left) and the second display is a slightly dimmer screen with a backlit keyboard (pictured on the right).

    Here is a close up of the keyboard with the backlight on. The keyboard is laid out in your standard QWERTY format which allows for quick typing even though the keys are pretty small. I had no problem typing and I have pretty fat fingers.

    Located at the bottom of the Treo are 4 application opening buttons and the two navigational buttons. The middle navigational buttons perform various commands depending on which application you are in. For example, when surfing the web, they act as page-up and page-down buttons for the blazer web browser. The other 4 application buttons are (from left to right): Telephone, Calendar, Web Browser, Memo/Notepad. In the next section of our tour of the Treo we will take an in-depth look at these four applications and see how they perform.

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