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    Sprint Treo 300 Smartphone Review
    Author: Jakester
    Date Posted: July 21st, 2003
    SLRating: SLRating: 9/10
    Bottom Line: Sprint gave us a Treo 300 Smartphone to review, you can surf the net and have full PDA functionality and its also a phone. Gimmick or useful tool, read on to find out what we thought in our official review....

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    Software Layout:

    So let me get this straight- the Treo 300 is a phone, a PDA, and a web browser? Yup. First we look at the phone application.

    The picture above on the right is what you see when you press the phone application button at the bottom of the Treo 300 and the picture on the left is the Treo 270's phone application. This is the quick dial page. As you can see, Handspring has added a nice touch to the newer phone application with more available phone number slots and the addition of the call history. Simply click the name with the stylus and your ready to roll. The icons at the bottom-left of the screen are (in order) the quick dial page (shown), the number pad, the contacts page, and the call history page. The bottom-right icons are more quick dial pages.

    This is the phone pad. Nice big buttons make this thing very easy to use.

    This is the call history screen with the red light from my camera in it. "Opps". I think this screen is pretty self explanatory. I almost left the 1-900 numbers in the history when I took the picture- that would have been embarrassing.

    When you are talking on the phone this is the screen that will be shown. While this is also pretty self-explanatory, I wanted to point out that the speakerphone option works quite well. The speaker on the Treo is pretty loud and I found myself using it often. The person on the other end of the line said I came in with really good quality- I was impressed.

    Enough about the phone features, lets get into the fun stuff. Here we have the Blazer web browser. While it's a very basic web browser with not much support for much else other then html and graphics, it definitely gets the job done. The graphics look pretty darn good and are very colorful for being on such a small screen. The interface is really easy to use with the scroll bar on the side and the tool bar at the bottom. One thing I'd like to note about scrolling the page up and down and left and right, it's very easy to do since you can place the stylus anywhere on the page and drag it in any direction you want. I found that to be very convenient.

    Icons for the toolbar are the main page, bookmarks, back, forward, URL entry screen, the home page, and the connection strength.

    Oh such wonderful bookmarks. At the top-right of the screen you see "12345>". Those are just more pages for bookmarks and the arrow leads you to even more pages. I found the bookmarks to be very handy since I liked to check my email often. It saved a lot of time being able to just give it a quick click and not have to type in the URL every time.

    Above is the URL entry screen. Pretty straight-forward. Nice little feature is the pre-made buttons for commonly used items found in a URL such as the .com and .net. I personally think that .org should also be in there in place of the period being as the period is on the keyboard and can easily be entered. No big deal though.

    Finally, I'd like to mention the fourth application button- the memo button. Just like windows notepad but semi-fancier. You can assign each "memo" a type such as personal or business. The screen on the right is showing the list of memos under the category of "All" (at the top right). Click on the name of the memo and you will be brought to the contents of the memo.

    All of the software is extremely easy to use and figure out without having to read the dreaded directions. So if you want to jump right into things then you shouldn't have any trouble with the Treo 300. Next up on the tour is the software bundled with the Treo for the PC.

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