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    Sprint Treo 300 Smartphone Review
    Author: Jakester
    Date Posted: July 21st, 2003
    SLRating: SLRating: 9/10
    Bottom Line: Sprint gave us a Treo 300 Smartphone to review, you can surf the net and have full PDA functionality and its also a phone. Gimmick or useful tool, read on to find out what we thought in our official review....

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    PC-based Software:

    Included in the software bundle is an array of various tools to help you bring your computer and Treo together. The first tool I'd like to talk about is the Palm Desktop application.

    This program is used to input data into the Treo. Along the left side are the different types of information you can manually type in on your computer and then upload it via HotSync. This program is very useful if you need a large document, for example, to be input onto your Treo. You can type it up much easier on your computer than on the Treo and then simply upload when your done.

    HotSync is how the information goes from your computer to the Treo. Included with the Treo is the HotSync cable which at one end has a USB adapter and at the other end a Treo adapter. Simply plug it into the USB port and your Treo, press the button on the top of the Treo adapter, and HotSync automatically begins. I was waiting for something to go wrong or for things to freeze up but nothing of the sort happened. It worked wonderfully. All you have to do is literally press the button, and it does it all for you with no hassle at all- very impressive.

    Also included in the software package, amongst four other programs, is the Install Tool program. It allows you to add file types compatible with the Treo into it's cue via the "add" button which just opens up a file browser. The browser is initially pointed at the Treo software folder which contains several games, one of which I found to be quite fun- Sub Hunt. When you click done, Install Tool adds the files to a cue of things to be uploaded the next time you perform a HotSync.

    As I said above, I really liked the HotSync software and cable. They were extremely easy to use and worked flawlessly. How did the rest of the Treo perform? I'm glad you asked.

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