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    Sprint Treo 300 Smartphone Review
    Author: Jakester
    Date Posted: July 21st, 2003
    SLRating: SLRating: 9/10
    Bottom Line: Sprint gave us a Treo 300 Smartphone to review, you can surf the net and have full PDA functionality and its also a phone. Gimmick or useful tool, read on to find out what we thought in our official review....

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    Performance and Conclusion:

    I figured I would sum up how the Treo performed and conclude this review on the same page, so here it goes. Overall I would have to say I liked the Treo 300 a lot. I found myself browsing the internet and checking email all of the time during my lunch break at work. I liked having the internet in the palm of my hands, however it was a more limited version of the internet. The Blazer web browser doesn't support JavaScript, Java, Macromedia Flash, or any type of media other than pictures. It also doesn't show any animation for .GIF files, which may be a more in-depth technical prevention dealing with the display rather than a software restriction. The speed of the Sprint service loaded smaller sized pages in a very tolerable amount of time. However, when I went to a forum to read a post, it wasn't worth the wait to download the entire page. Bottom line is that if the page was cluttered with garbage then it took longer then I liked to wait around for, but if the page was organized with minimal clutter then it was just fine (You should note that with the Treo 300, the user will have an "always on" experience due to the capabilities of the 3G network. Data speeds available via the enhanced Sprint Nationwide PCS Network average 50 to 70 Kbps with peak speeds of 144 Kbps. This is significantly faster than GPRS, which is around 20-30 Kbps). Also, major websites have a PDA version of their site so that it loads much faster. for example had an all text version of their site that loaded very fast.
        The phone aspect of the Treo was very good. Everything was great except for two minor complaints which are: 1) When using the phone like a normal phone (with speaker phone off) it wasn't the most comfortable thing to press against your ear. 2) Let's face it, its a pretty big sized phone, not quite the most stylish looking thing out there. The PDA part of the Treo (Memo, Calendar) worked as you would expect it to work. It was very simple to use and enter in information using the Treo's keyboard.
        The battery life is hard to give an exact number since it totally depends on what your doing with it and how often. I personally never killed the battery in a one day session and I would say I used it a good amount. I used both the phone and internet browser during my use. At the end of the day I just charged it up and it was ready to go in the morning.

    The Treo 300 is a very easy to use SmartPhone with many capabilities. While it has some flaws that need to be worked out, it is a definite improvement over the 270 model. I give the Treo 300 a 9 out of 10.

    The Treo 300 is available in Sprint Stores, as well as their web site at You can also purchase on Handspring's site at

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