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    HP iPAQ 2210 Pocket PC Review
    Author: Daniel Topler
    Date Posted: August 30th, 2003
    SLRating: SLRating: 9.5/10
    Bottom Line: The HP iPAQ 2210 is small, well designed and shiny! On top of that it packs in a big load of features, and yet HP still manages to make it priced so that an average business user, or even your average Joe can go pick one up at their local CompUSA, read all about it in our official review....

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    At first look, you can tell that the 2210 is one sexy PDA. Not only is it small, but itís designed so well, itís almost mesmerizing. The chrome accents on the buttons shine so beautifully, and the black hand grips on both sides are stylish, and makes the unit much more comfortable to hold. Shall we go into detail of the design of the iPaq 2210?

    On the front of the unit, youíll find six buttons, as well as the 3.5" LCD screen. Obviously, thereís the power button, which is wisely placed on the top of the unit. Also on the top of the unit is the microphone which can be used for voice recording. On the bottom front, youíll find the shortcut buttons, defaults are Calendar, Contacts, Inbox, and iTask. Iíll be sure to get into each of these, as well as the other programs on this PDA later. Finally, on the front of the unit, youíll find the stylish navigational joystick. I must say that the joystick was a pleasure to use. It was very comfortable, moved around very easily, and it looks great! The real crowd-pleaser, though, is the beautiful 3.5" Transflective TFT color screen with LED frontlight display. The screen looks nothing short of amazing. All colors are sharp, dazzling, and just great, bottom line.

    main view of the HP iPAQ 2210 Pocket PC

    On the back of the unit, youíll find a few things. First is the battery compartment. Unlike the Mitac 338 Plus, this unit features replaceable batteries. If you need long battery life, you can always buy an extra battery and pop it in when your primary battery dies. Youíll also find the speaker on the back of the unit. I canít see a plus in having the speaker in the back, instead of in the front. Sound isnít as easily heard when listening to music or watching video on the unit without headphones, since the sound is being directed away from you, and not toward you. I guess HP put the speaker on the back to save room so the front looks better. Finally on the back, youíll find the soft reset button. Unfortunately, there is no hard reset button on this unit. In order to hard reset the unit, you have to press the soft reset button, as well as the Calendar and iTask buttons at the same time. I tell you, this is damn near impossible.

    back view of the HP iPAQ 2210 Pocket PC

    The only thing on both sides of this unit is the comfortable black hand grips. This was a great addition to this PDA, and should be added on others. It makes the unit much easier to hold when itís in your hands for a long period of time (for example, when watching video).

    left side view of the HP iPAQ 2210 Pocket PC

    HP didnít include a voice recorder button on this unit. I can only see this as a plus because with the Mitac 338 Plus, I accidentally pressed this button when it was in my pocket countless of times. Not too many people need access to the voice recorder feature instantly, so I thought it was wise of HP to get rid of the button thatís pretty much standard with other PDAís.

    On the top of the unit, youíll find quite a few things. First off, youíll see the Smart Media/MMC expansion slot, which is used to add more memory to the unit. Right next to that, youíll see the protective covering blocking the entrance to the Compact Flash slot. Pulling it out is very easy, and once itís out, you can add your Co mpact Flash memory card, or any other Compact Flash accessory (modem, 802.11, etc). Also on top is the stylus holder, and the headphone jack (standard 3.5mm size).

    top view of the HP iPAQ 2210 Pocket PC

    The HP 2210 is pretty small, also, smaller then any other PDA Iíve seen. It is about an inch smaller in length compared to the Mio 338 Plus, but it is slightly wider. The unit weighs 5.1 ounces though, a little hefty in my opinion, but definitely manageable.

    The 2210 also comes with a very stylish cradle, that connects to your PC via USB or Serial (no USB 2.0 just yet), as well as charges your unit. You can even put in a spare battery and charge that while youíre charging the unit itself. Very cool, huh, itís what I call multitaskingJ .

    HP iPAQ 2210 Pocket PC Cradle

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