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    HP iPAQ 2210 Pocket PC Review
    Author: Daniel Topler
    Date Posted: August 30th, 2003
    SLRating: SLRating: 9.5/10
    Bottom Line: The HP iPAQ 2210 is small, well designed and shiny! On top of that it packs in a big load of features, and yet HP still manages to make it priced so that an average business user, or even your average Joe can go pick one up at their local CompUSA, read all about it in our official review....

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    The HP iPaq 2210 has a plethora of features onboard. Weíll go through the list.

    First off, the 2210 features the 400MHz Intel XScale CPU, which is one fast sucker. Imagine, 400MHz in this little unit. Just a few years ago, it was hard to imagine 400MHz in a desktop. Now look at this technologyÖ itís really incredible.

    The 2210 has 64MB of memory, and 57.11MB of it is available to the user. I already have the entire unit filled with MP3ís! The 64MB is standard in PDAís now, and its suitable for pretty much everyone.

    But if you need more space, the 2210 offers two, count Ďem two, expansion slots, one a Compact Flash (Type I and Type II) slot, as well as a SM/MMC slot, so youíll be ready for any upgrades needed.

    The 2210 is wireless (802.11) ready, just pop in your Compact Flash wireless card, and youíre ready to go. It would have been nice to see built-in wireless, but what can you expect from a $400 unit? But it does have Bluetooth 1.1, which is very nice. Technology is starting to see more and more devices that support Bluetooth, and while itís not yet a standard in PDAís, newer models usually have Bluetooth.

    As I said previously, the 2210 has a 3.5" TFT LCD display that is just stunning. It has 64,000 colors, is a 16-bit screen, and has a 240x320 resolution. BeautifulÖ

    Obviously, the 2210 has a microphone, a speaker, as well as MP3 playback (through the included Windows Media Player 9). MP3 playback is awesome, and Iím using the unit as my music player while my Rio Riot is in for service. Quality is great, and itís very easy to use. Just pop in a big Compact Flash card and you can fit quite a few tunes on your PDA!

    Just announced a few weeks ago was the Microsoft Pocket PC 2003 Operating System, and with surprise, the 2210 has the 2003 version installed! I couldnít find any significant difference between 2002 and 2003 though. Iíll explain the differences later in this review.

    You can use the iPaq 2210 as your TV remote control, too! I tested it with my Sony 32" TV, my Motorola/Comcast Digital Cable box, as well as my Denon receiver, all worked great! It did not, however, support my Lite-On LVR-1001 DVD player, but this is understandable. While it is a great concept, and it does work great, itís just a pain to have to take out the stylus every time you want to change the channel. Iíd stick with the regular remote control for now.

    The 2210 also has its fair share of software included, but Iíll explain that later.

    Windows Pocket PC 2003

    Iíve been using the iPaq 2210 for the past two weeks, and when comparing to the 2002 version of the Windows Pocket PC operating system, I canít see a significant difference between the two. But, just for all you people that are curious, Iíll go through the main differences.

    The Today screen (much like the Desktop in Windows) looks almost exactly the same as the 2002 predecessor, with the exception of one minor addition. Itís the small Connectivity Icon, right next to the volume control button. Basically, when you click it, it shows you the connection to the internet youíre using, as well as a button to set up the internet if not already done.

    HP iPAQ 2210 Pocket PC Windows Screen Shot

    The 2003 version also has a much better IE. It can now show much more advanced things on websites, unlike the previous versions.

    HP iPAQ 2210 Pocket PC IE Screen Shot

    Windows Media Player 9 is included, which looks different then the previous WMP 8, but if offers basically the same features. Added though, is a personal volume control for Windows Media Player, so you can mute the audio/video, for example, but still have system sounds on.

    HP iPAQ 2210 Pocket PC Media Screen Shot

    Finally, Microsoft added a Pictures viewer, which lets you easily look at all your pictures on the device.

    HP iPAQ 2210 Pocket PC Pictur Viewer Screen Shot

    Those are really the only differences between the 2002 and 2003Östupid isnít it? Makes me think about why Microsoft released Windows ME, same situation, right?

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