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    Apple iPod MP3 Player Review
    Author: Matt and Brian
    Date Posted: May 12th, 2003
    SLRating: SLRating: 10/10
    Bottom Line: Most of you have probably heard of Apple's iPod, it is small, it is white, it plays MP3s from a hard drive instead of a CD, and-unsurprisingly-like all Apple products, it is expensive. Read on to find out if the newest revision of the iPod is worth your money…

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    Matt's Machinations: This is my first iPod and I was extremely excited to get it. I almost purchased one of the first ones several times but I held back. When the new ones came out and there was a student discount I jumped at the opportunity. I do not regret it one bit! I use my iPod around 5 to 6 hours a day walking between classes, while studying and even in class sometimes! I personally have no gripes with the buttons: sure they are a little easy to hit accidentally if you don't have hold on, but over all they are very elegant. I really like the cradle and the other components, except maybe the belt clip case-it's pretty much useless unless you are into belt accessories. The overall packaging and presentation is second to none, as is customary with Apple products. For those in the market for an MP3 hard drive player there is really no better option than the iPod, especially now that larger drives, smaller sizes, a super cool cradle and slightly lower prices have come together in Apple's latest offering (cheaper still if you are a student or teacher) I imagine there will be some good deals on the old iPods surfacing as more people buy the new one. This could be a good opportunity to get your hands on a great original iPod for a reasonable price. I give the iPod a 10 out of 10.

    Brian's Babblings: I've owned many portable MP3 players over the years, starting with a 1st-generation solid-state one four years ago, then the original SonicBlue RioVolt MP3-CD player (SP-100), a SonicBlue Rio Riot (20GB player), and a 20GB iPod. When these new iPods came out, I promptly eBayed my iPod and bought a new 15GB. I mainly bought it for the dock because cradles are cool, but I'm more than happy with the other improvements in the player. I have some trouble using the new touch buttons, and I think they are more of a gimmick than a practical feature. However, they are sleek, and the new design looks great. I also believe the belt clip could be improved upon, as it offers no view of the iPod's screen and no access to its buttons. Perhaps a new remote with an LCD on it that displayed song information (akin to SonicBlue's optional remote for their SP-250 CD-MP3 player) would make the belt clip and remote a bit more useful? One can only wish… Anyways, both the older generation iPods and the new ones are great products, with the only sticking point being the price. However, you get an excellent, sturdy, and highly polished product for the money. If the new models seem to expensive, try finding an older generation iPod from retailers closing them out, or even on eBay. I believe that the stability problems will be fixed with future firmware updates, and that any other problems mentioned were very minor - we only elaborated on them because there were so few. I give the iPod a 10 out of 10.

    SLRating: 10/10


    P.S. you can engrave your iPod too!

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