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    JAVOedge Bluetooth Keyboard
    Author: Talon
    Date Posted:19/01/2005 16:16.59
    SLRating: SLRating: 7.5/10
    Bottom Line: Those who are tired of tapping away on their screens or keypads should definitely give this keyboard a look. The Bluetooth keyboard is a fine compliment to your Bluetooth-enabled PDA or phone. But what about price and performance.......

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    The first thing I noticed when I started using the keyboard was the smaller size of they individual keys. Every key on the Bluetooth keyboard is about three-fourths the height of its traditional keyboard counterpart. This makes for some rough typing at first. But after a week or two of getting accustomed to the more compact keys, my consistency improved dramatically. Indeed, I feel comfortable enough typing on the keyboard now that I am actually using it to type this review. Also, kudos to JAVOedge for including “alt gr” and “Fn” toggle buttons; they allow quick access to useful symbols such as the euro and yen signs.

    However, two annoyances set back the functionality of the keyboard. The first is its tendency to collapse down the middle when the keyboard is placed on a soft surface, especially when the stand is not being used. It seems as if JAVOedge only expected people to use their keyboard when there was a table or hard surface present; perhaps it did not occur to them that people might want to type while on a subway or in a bus. So if you want to use the keyboard on your lap, be sure to open the stand (it locks onto both halves of the keyboard), even if you do not plan on using it. Perhaps in future models a there will be a locking mechanism that maintains the rigidity of the keyboard without forcing the user to open the stand.

    Secondly, the stand – while undoubtedly useful and cleverly positioned – presents a minor problem as well. It is not the stand itself, but the rubber pad on the stand that is problematic. The rubber has ridges in it, for the obvious reason of maintaining a better grip on your handheld. However, while the concept is sound (the different ridges allow the handheld to be placed at different angles for better viewing), it does not work in reality, at least not for my Dell x50v. When I position my handheld at a better angle, instead of standing firm on the rubber, it merely slides down the rubber pad and comes to rest where it started.

    Other than those two annoyances mentioned above, the JAVOedge keyboard functioned flawlessly. Every key was responsive, and the hard clamshell design looks as if it is durable enough to withstand minor drops (not that I tested this out, mind you; the keyboard is on loan). Setup was self-explanatory, and the PDA keyboard utility is useful; repeat rate and repeat delay sliders can be tweaked to suit your personal typing preferences.

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