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    Lite-On LTR-52327S CD-RW & LTC-48161H Combo CD-RW/DVD Review
    Author: Matt
    Date Posted: May 20th, 2003
    SLRating - LTR-52327S 52x32x52 CD-RW: SLRating: 8/10
    SLRating LTC-48161H 48x24x48x16 Combo CD-RW/DVD: SLRating: 9/10
    Bottom Line: Lite-On comes out with two new drives and we bring you an exclusive premier of the LTR-52327S 52x32x52 CD-RW, and following that, a look at their jack of all trades LTC-48161H 48x24x48x16 Combo CD-RW/DVD drive. We'll show you how they compare against each other and some of the competition...

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    Both drives performed very solidly, during my tests I produced no "coasters" and had no troubles getting both drives installed and recognized by Windows. The only complaint I have about the drives is that they are quite noisy when spun up at high speeds. Despite the noise though, they are very smooth with little to no vibrations. I could barely feel my case moving when either was spun up to its maximum speed. I have had drives in the past that would shake so violently that I could feel them through the floor and hear them in the next room. These Lite-On drives are miles ahead of that. Another possible gripe is that the drives only have a 2MB buffer, to this I say it is unlikely that you will notice any difference in the quality of the burns between these drives and a drive with a 16MB buffer. With today's buffer under run protection and Smart Burn, which simply turns off the laser when there is no data to write, it should be pretty hard to come across bad burns. These drives are both rather affordable considering Lite-On is a top name company in the optical storage industry. Lite-On claims that they are one of the top 3 drive manufacturers worldwide, and the number 1 manufacturer in Taiwan. The LTR-52327S will sell for around $50 US online, and the LTC-48161H can be found for around $65 US online. I give the LTR-52327S an 8/10 for excellent performance, and the LTC-48161H a 9/10 for great performance with the added benefit of DVD functionality.


    • Affordable
    • Easy to install
    • Fast burn times
    • Little vibration
    • Improved documentation
    • Shorter than typical drives
    • Mt. Rainier is nifty


    • No IDE cable
    • Loud when a top speed


    LTR-52327S 52x32x52 CD-RW - SLRating: 8/10

    LTC-48161H 48x24x48x16 Combo CD-RW/DVD - SLRating: 9/10


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    1. Introduction
    2. The LTR-52327S
    3. The LTC-48161H
    4. Packaging/Appearance/Installation/Documentation
    5. Performance
    6. Conclusions

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