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    Nokia 3650 vs Sony Ericsson P800 Review
    Author: Daniel Topler
    Date Posted: September 2nd, 2003
    SLRating:Nokia 3650 SLRating: 9.5/10
    SLRating: Sony Ericsson P800 SLRating: 9/10
    Bottom Line: Mobile Phone technology moves on at a fast rate, most come with cameras and some with video, SLCentral compared the latest heavyweights from Nokia and Sony Ericsson. Which one is worth your money, Is it better to go with the cheaper 3650, Or is it wiser to spend the extra cash and grab the P800? Read on to find out in our official review.....

    Nokia 3650: Find the lowest price for this product
    Sony Ericsson P800: Find the lowest price for this product
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    Operating System (3650)

    The 3650 OS, like I said already, is the Symbian 60. While it is one step below the P800, I found the 3650 easier to use then the P800, and the interface was much, much cleaner. Pressing the menu button brings you to 20 different icons, each going to itís separate menu (except for the first one, which brings you back to the standby screen).

    First up is the Contacts menu. Here, youíll be able to add contacts, set up groups, add caller ID pictures, etc. Adding a contact is very easy to do. Just follow the steps and itíll be done in literally seconds. There are many different options you can set per contact, such as Company, Job Title, E-Mail, Fax, etc. Pretty darn impressive.

    Next is Calender. You can set up appointments, and view upcoming events here. The layout is nice and very simple to use.

    The Ericsson P800 Calender Screenshot

    The 4th option is Messaging. Here, you can check e-mail, send both SMS and MMS messages, view reports, write drafts, and view older messages. Very easy to use, and very useful. In the past two days, Iíve sent a whopping 58 text messages.

    Next is the Camera. Hold your excitement! It takes about 2-3 seconds to load up the camera program. Once itís loaded, youíll see the "viewfinderí right on the LCD screen. There are three different picture modes; Standard, Portriat (for Caller ID pictures), and Night. All are self-explanatory. The Standard picture on Fine mode saves a image at appx. 45KB per image.

    The Ericsson P800 screenshot of camera picture

    The 6th option is Images. Here, you can view your already-taken images, sound clips, and video clips.

    Thereís even RealOne on this phone! The next selection is the RealOne player, to play your video clips.

    The Ericsson P800 - screenshot of realone player

    Services is next. Use this option to connect to the internet via GPRS.

    The Ericsson P800 screenshot

    Next is Video Recorder. Like I said, you can take a video up to 15 seconds in length. Quality is pretty bad.

    The Ericsson P800 - screenshot of video

    Games, everyoneís favorite, is next. Included is Snake EX, and Mix Pix, a puzzle game.

    Apps is the 11th option. Nothing comes preloaded, but in case you ever download something, itíll go here.

    Profiles is the next icon. You can select different profiles for your phone to use to change the settings. The options are Normal, Silent, Meeting, Outdoor, and Pager. All you can pretty much figure out on your own. You can set up for each profile the ring, ring volume, vibrate, message volume, and alerts.

    Next is Favorites. Set up shortcuts to often used programs here. Sort of pointless.

    To-Do is a great organizing tool. Just write what you have to do, and check it off when youíre done with it!

    Help is next. Useful if you ever have any questions. I think the entire manual is on this!

    Next you have Connect, to set up Bluetooth, Infrared, and Modem. Very easy to use.

    Extras is up next. Youíve got Notes, Calculator, Converter (money), Recorder, Composer (rings), Clock, Memory (info), and About (info).

    SIM is the next menu. Youíve got the SIM directory, Service Numbers, and Fixed Dial here.

    Log is the next one. You can check how much time youíve used on the phone, online, and how many text messages youíve sent, as well as how much data has been transferred. You can also see incoming and outgoing calls.

    Lastly, youíve got the Tools menu. Youíll find Settings, Manager, Voice Mail, and 1-Touch (quick dial). In Settings, youíll find Phone (set up the Standby mode), Call (set up Caller ID, Call Waiting, Redial, etc), Connection (access points, etc), Date and Time, Security, System (network selection), and finally, accessory settings.


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    7. P800 Operating System
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    9. Conclusions

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