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    Raidmax RX-520XP PSU
    Author: jonnyguru
    Date Posted:17/03/2005 10:07.18
    SLRating: SLRating: 8/10
    Bottom Line: There's more to picking a PSU than the wattage, as explained in the first of a series of forthcoming PSU reviews.

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    Results & Conclusions

    What's my opinion about what the outcome will be?

    Well, looking at the label, I'll make the prediction that this power supply will pass "test one" with flying colors, since this power supply is supposedly capable of a whopping 45A on the 5V rail.  I'm not sure it will be too stable on test two because at 20A the 12V will be out of the power supply's spec for it's 18A capable 12V rail.  I'm thinking the third test will throw this power supply into a tail-spin.  In my opinion, this power supply isn't engineered for a system so top heavy on the 12V rail.

    As for the temperature tests, I think this power supply will fare well.  With keeping the fans spinning three minutes after shut down, I doubt they power supply will get very hot once it's shut down.

    Ok.... Enough talk!  Let's pummel the power supply!

    Here are the results.  The numbers in red are numbers that are out of specification:

    Raid Max RX-520XP Zero Load Test One (366W) Test Two (301W) Test Three (341W) Full Load (469W)
    12V 11.48 11.76 12.34 11.33 12.44
    5V 5.31 5.10 4.97 5.15 4.90
    3.3V 3.38 3.26 3.26 3.24 3.24
    Efficiency 45% 73% 74% 68% 73%
    Power Factor .56 .73 .72 .76 .71

    Temperature under load = 23.8C. Temperature after power off = 28C.

    Analysis of Results:

    At Zero Load, the 5V was out of spec.  Not a concern since nothing should be actually "running" at this point.  Test one was solid as I thought it would be. 

    Test two was surprisingly stable.  12V went up as it naturally would with a power supply with so much 5V capability, but I thought for sure it would go above and beyond the 12.V tolerance.

    Test three was still pretty damn good considering the specs of the power supply.  I thought I would see a lot more fluctuation.

    The full load test proved that this is a very stable power supply.  I was disappointed that I was only pushing a total of 469W before the power supply's overload protection kicked in.  Once I lowered the 3.3V to around 3A with the 12V up at 18A and the 5V up at 45A, the power supply kept on trucking for hours on end.  Something a real PC would NEVER do to a power supply.

    As I expected, the temperatures stayed low after shut down.  You just don't know how valuable this function of the power supply is until you see an ordinary power supply's temperatures sky-rocket.  Good job on including that feature guys!

    In conclusion....

    For features, on a scale from one to ten, I give this power supply an 8. 

    For performance, I give this power supply an 8. 

    It's average overall score is an 8.

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    1. Introduction
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    3. Parameters
    4. Methodology
    5. RX-520XP
    6. Observations
    7. Overview
    8. Results/Conclusion

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