After overusing the original Ratpadz for almost a year, the poor thing started to show signs of age. As we all know wear on a mouse pad results in missed shots, and missed shots often results in death, a bad thing when playing games like UT2003, Battlefield and Medal of Honor.

So off I went to look under the couch for some loose change to order a new mouse pad. Since these things are relatively cheap ($10 average + shipping) and my previous experience with the original Ratpadz was excellent I decided to go with the Ratpadz GS.

Ratpadz GS in all its glory

Within 3 days I was back online with a vengeance, making up for some of the earlier massacre that had me on the short end of the stick. OK, so I was still getting my ass kicked, but the mouse moved with much less resistance. These pads when combined with an MX500 create the ultimate control device, smooth, fluent, fast and precise. My biggest gripe with the original Ratpadz was its thickness - it was just a little too thick for me. The Ratpadz GS however is thinner and thus removes this gripe. Also the bevel around the Ratpadz GS is shorter and is made out of a smooth curve unlike the Ratpadz which had a somewhat long incline around it. Holding the Ratpadz GS to the table are some small rubber feet, which even though small, produce great fiction almost eliminating any motion if the pad is pushed.

Old compared to new Height Difference Different Bevel

Mouse Skates & Bungee

As this mouse has been my bridge, melding machine and man, wear of the feet was inevitable; besides the remainder of the dough under the couch needed to be spent. So off I went to order some mouse skates and a bungee, since the cable tends to fall behind the desk every now and again distracting me occasionally from that ever critical shot.

Attaching the skates was painless. Measure, cut, peal, stick, that’s all there is to it. The most critical thing to ensure when attaching the mouse skates was that the entire foot of the mouse was covered. After attaching the skates the motion of the mouse across the mouse pad seemed somewhat effortless, but not earth shatteringly smooth. It does what it claims “your mouse will glide more smoothly than before”. After using the mouse with the skates for a few days it seems that the motion is now even smoother, probably due to a small break-in period.

Mouse Skates

The mouse bungee on the other hand was a pleasant addition to the setup. After clipping it to the cable (painless) and hiding it beside the monitor, my cable no longer falls behind the desk and thus no more resorting to yanking and tugging. As long as there is sufficient cable to cover the motion of the mouse on the pad any repositioning there should be no more problems with the cable ever being too taut and restricting motion. Great idea turned into a wonderful product. It also retails for $10, and should be on everyone’s desk.

Bungee Strutting its stuff


After adding these 3 items using the mouse has been a pleasure. No more cable snags, smooth gliding and quick response; a great addition to any gamer’s setup.

Good things:

Ratpadz GS

  • Cheap
  • Mouse pad is easy to clean (hard plastic)
  • Doesn’t move around when in use
  • Lowered height
  • Small ridge

  • Skates

  • Cheap
  • Slippery
  • Easy to apply/install

  • Bungee

  • Cheap
  • No more yanking the cable
  • Doesn’t fall under the weight of the cable.
  • Bad things:

    Bungee and Ratpadz GS:

  • None

  • Skates

  • Should be slightly more slippery (minor gripe)
  • Rating: 9.5/10 (should be more like 9.85 but the star rating wouldn’t allow that)

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