eXactMat - Smooth Mousing, Cold Hands.


To a casual PC user a mouse pad is insignificant; any smooth surface that translates to fairly smooth mouse movement will work; while on the other end of the spectrum, a hardcore gamer regards his mouse pad with the same reverence as his video card and processor, a crucial part of any gaming rig.
Razer is no stranger to the gaming world and has defied convention since their very first offering: the Boomslang mouse. Their newest offering, a first for Razer, their eXactMat continues this trend of defiance. The eXactMat is a mouse pad designed for hardcore gamers and picky computer users.


Tucked snugly in its pouch this massive mouse pad oozes quality. Upon removal you’ll find a large black surface with a brushed aluminum lip that is supported by four rubber feet on each side. As with a few other mouse pads these days there are two mousing surfaces, one coarse for precision and the other smoother for speed. Aluminum mouse pads are not unique, but the anodized surface definitely is. This thing is built to last.

Mouse pad in pouch.      The mighty eXactMat


In testing with Doom3, Unreal Tournament 2004 and Battlefield Vietnam, I was more inclined to use the coarse surface as it suits my style of play. In using the smooth surface I tended to over shoot my opponents every so often, but then again this may be psychological. The smoother surface works great for daily usage allowing you to zip around your desktop with uncanny speed. I also use Teflon Mouse Tape to reduce friction and enhance mouse movement. This was well liked by the pad. In using a mouse without the tape the mouse pad felt a lot more restrictive and more energy was required to move the mouse around. A pad made of aluminum, being so light, should move under the stress of gaming and surfing, but thanks the four large rubber feet the eXactMat stays glued to the desk’s surface. The aluminum also lends for a thin surface reducing stress on your wrist.

A shot of the rough side.      A crude attempt to show the thickness of the pad.


To me a mouse pad is more of a personal preference than a set in stone, clearly definable, this-is-better, item. There is a lot to like here and there are also a few things that might annoy. For example, the aluminum will always be cold in a cool room and to reap the full benefits you will need Teflon Mouse Tape or Mouse Skatez of some sort. You may also be offset by the high price of $30, or the size of the pad (works both ways). This pad is huge, so be prepared so shell out some serious real-estate on your desk. On the plus side, the surface will not wear as quickly as a regular plastic pad and may even outlast three of them, offsetting the price difference. Dual sides are helpful, and if you like the touch of cold aluminum all the better. If you have the space for it, you would be hard-pressed to run out of mousing surface and Teflon Mouse Tape/Mouse Skatez shouldn’t be a problem for a hardcore gamer as they should always have some in stock. You can’t forget the cool pouch and the Limited Edition certificate which comes with it.


After using this pad for over a week I know I won’t be going back to my old mouse pad. The hardest thing is to justify the high price tag, but if this pad lasts as long as expected, it would actually work out to be cheaper than most gaming pads.

Certificate and a shot of the smooth side.

Large Surface
Durable Surface
Dual Sides
Stays Put

High Price
Requires Teflon Mouse Tape/Mouse Skatez to achieve its full potential

SLRating: 9.0

Thanks to Razer Inc. for making this review possible.

Where to buy: http://store.razerzone.com/

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