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    Teac CDR56S SCSI CD-R Review
    August 1999

    System Specs

    Pentium II 450
    64 MB SDRAM
    IBM Deskstar 8 (8.4 GB UDMA)
    Microsoft Windows98, DirectX 6.1


    I purchased my drive bare for about $215 two months ago. Right now, you can actually find it for under $200 OEM if you hunt around on Pricewatch. Needless to say, if you are looking for a CD-R drive, the Teac 6x24 is a no brainer of a purchase at that price point. If the Teac 6x24 looks like a good purchase, there are still several things to remember. First, the drive does not have CD-RW support. This is why some 4X writing drives appear to be more expensive than the Teac 6X. More often than not, they will have CD-RW support. Up to this point, I have found no situation where I would rather use a CD-RW but then again it is a matter of personal need. Next, remember that the drive uses SCSI-2, which requires an adapter and perhaps some general knowledge on SCSI device installations. Fortunately, good SCSI adapters are incredibly cheap these days, and are a good tool for future upgrading. Also, you will have to go and purchase recording software and suitable CD-R media, which can be a hassle depending on where you look. If, after these conditions, the Teac 6x24 still looks like a good buy, then go for it. I have been very happy with the drive as a CD-R recorder and a CD-ROM drive in the time I have had it. The price point is insane for such a reliable 6X unit. All things considered, the Teac 6x24 is an absolute steal.

    Rating: 9.5/10 SystemLogistics

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    Author: Terry Kong
    Company: Teac
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