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MC-100 Monitor Cooler
Author: Mike Kitchenman
Date Posted: May 23rd, 2001


Which part of your computer do you look at the most, and generally think about less than the stuff you look at a lot less? Here's a hint, you're staring at it right now.

Yup, it'd be your monitor. If you're anything like me, you're rarely concerned about your monitor as long as its behaving itself and displaying your desktop correctly. But one thing I never thought about until recently was the fact that they do generate a lot of heat. The back of my trinitron is almost as good a handwarmer as an iMac can be. Then I came across this little monitor cooler sold over at, so I decided to give it a shot and see what it did.

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(2)MTBF: 20,000 hours
(3)Air flow: 38 CFM
(4)Speed: 2100 RPM
(5)Noise: 27 dbA
(6)Voltage: Dc12 V
(7)Power: 1.56 W
(8)Current: 0.13 A
(9)Dimension: 210X150X43 mm

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What It Is

Well, some things are beautiful in their complexity and their design, and other things are beautiful in their simplicity. This monitor cooler falls into the latter category. It consists of 2 parts: The fan that sits atop your monitor, and the slot cover that mounts inside yout PC.

The monitor fan utilizes a clever combination of a small metal hook and rubber feet to stay attached to your monitor's housing. This means that once you hook it on, it likely won't come off if you're not moving your screen. The thin wire coming out of the back of the fan unit is almost 6 feet long, so most people won't have any trouble getting the cord run to the back of their box.

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The Slot cover is again an extremely simple design, a molex connector attached to a slot cover you screw into the back of your tower. The wire attached to it is really thin and plenty long, so you shouldn't need to do much work at all in order to hook it in.

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On another note, for those of you who are like me, you're sacrificing your first PCI slot to a useful heat sink for your AGP card. Make good use of that unusable slot and cool off your monitor!


Well, unfourtinately for this part I don't have hard numbers, as I'm too chicken to actually stick anything inside of my monitor while its running to take the temps. (yeah, I'm a wuss, but I'm not interested in finding a random capacitor to act as ground for, monitors are dangerous, don't poke around inside of them unless you're well trained.)

As far as easily observeable results, here's what I've got for ya. Without the cooler on the monitor, the monitor is very notably warm on the top. It makes a great handwarmer in winter because of that, and yes I'm speaking from experience. But with this monitor cooler hooked up and running, well, the top of the screen is completely room temperature. I can't tell the difference. I'd say it did its job very well.

The only concern I had about this when I got it was this; how loud would it be? Well, I know fans, and I can tell ya this little baby is whisper silent. I didn't even notice it was on intil I stuck my hand over it. I was duly impressed.

Pros & Cons

  • Relatively inexpensive (a comprable case fan would run 10-12$)
  • Very quiet, nearly silent
  • Very effective cooling
  • compact
  • Everything is beige why didn't they make it a cool color?
  • Takes up a slot cover


Would I reccomend this product? Most definately. Its a simple way to extend the life of a very important (and usually expensive) piece of hardware that is usually ignored after purchase. With installation being as simple as it was, I don't see why anyone who wants their monitor to live a long and healthy life should NOT have this device attached to it.

Rating: 9/10 SystemLogistics

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