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    Product Info
    Name: Volcano 5
    Company: Thermaltake
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    SLCentralHardwareReviewsCooling Jun 4th, 2020 - 2:13 PM EST
    Thermaltake Volcano 5 HSF
    Author: Mike Kitchenman
    Date Posted: October 19th, 2001
    Rating: 5.5/10 SystemLogistics


    Well, along with every other heat sink out there, one of their major features/drawbacks is ease of installation (or complete lack therein.) Well, the Volcano 5 isn't really here or there. I've had easier clips pass my desk, however I've also had much worse clips mass thru my skinny little fingers, too. So, I'm not that upset by it.

    Installation required a flat head screwdriver like SO many other sinks to today as well, not a surprise. It attached itsetf pretty securely and the relatively lightweight sink made for a very safe install feeling. You don't feel like you're crushing the chip (assuming you're following Johnny's instructions.) So all in all, I don't have a beef with the clipping mexhanism, but I wasn't overly impressed with it either.

    Installation: 2/3

    Cooling Performance

    Now that the little guy's installed, lets see how he does in the torture chamber I call a case...

    The Test

    Run the system after a normal boot for a while, and get idle temps. Then see how well it keeps the numbers down by kicking in Prime95 and burning those CPU cycles. The probe on the motherboard reports temps in motherboard monitor.

    The Testbed

    • Blizzard 280 Case
    • Asus A7V Motherboard v1.004c
    • Tbird 800 @ 1GHz 1.85v
    • Arctic Silver 1
    • The Candidates
    • Stock Thermaltake Volcano 5
    • Stock Vantec 6035D Copper Cooler (Our Review)
    • Modded* Vantec 62540 Aluminium Cooler (Our Review)

    The 62540 had the delta fan removed, and the testing was performed with the same fan as the Volcano 5 uses during testing. This was done to see how the Volcano 5 stacks up against another strong aluminum cooler with the same airflow.

    Well, the candidates have applied, the gauntlet's been thrown, and the guests are ready. Lets get the show on the road here.

    The Results:

      CPU Probe (Compunurse) Mobo CPU Probe Mobo Room
    Volcano 5 42.8 C 37 C 23 C 18.1 C
    Vantec 6035D 35.5 C 35 C 23 C 18.5 C
    Vantec 62540 With Fan From Volcano 5 39.2 C 37 C 23 C 18.7 C

      CPU Probe (Compunurse) Mobo CPU Probe Mobo Room
    Volcano 5 48.5 C 40 C 23 C 18.4 C
    Vantec 6035D 39.2 C 37 C 23 C 18.6 C
    Vantec 62540 With Fan From Volcano 5 44.4 C 40 C 23 C 18.7 C

    Well, there's the numbers. Unfourtinately I was quite disappointed here in the Volcano 5's performance. I was fully expecting the 6035 to beat it, as it is a copper cooler and was using the delta fan. However, I had been hoping to have it at least match the 62540 for performance. It didn't do that unfourtinately. This means I'm gonna hve to give it a low score for cooling.

    Cooling: 2/5

    >> Pros & Cons/Conclusion

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    1. Introduction/Packaging And Construction
    2. Installation/Cooling Performance
    3. Pros & Cons/Conclusion

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