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    SLCentralHardwareReviewsMotherboards Jun 5th, 2020 - 10:38 PM EST
    Biostar M7MIA RAID
    Author: JonnyGURU
    Date Posted: July 18th, 2001
    Rating: 8.5/10 SystemLogistics

    Introducing The M7MIA 2.0 RAID

    Let's do a quick run down of what we get:

    Biostar M7MIA
    * Single Socket A
    * AMD Althon and Duron Processor
    * CPU Speed 600~1.4GHz and up to 1.4GHz w/ 266FSB (tested here and certified by AMD)
    * 200/266MHz FSB

    * AMD 761 Northbridge cooled w/ fan no RPM monitoring
    * VIA 686B Southbridge

    * 2 x 184-pin DDR DIMM
    * Maximum 1.0GB DDR RAM (2 512MB sticks)
    * Supports PC1600 / PC2100 memory modules

    * Award/Phoenix (2MB chip)

    Expansion Slot
    * 5x PCI
    * 1x ISA (shared with PCI 5)
    * 1x AGP Pro/2X/4X
    * 1x AMR

    * 1x Parallel (support ECP, EPP and SPP)
    * 2x Serial
    * 1x PS/2 Mouse, 1x PS/2 Keyboard
    * 2x Rear USB
    * 1x Game Port, 1x Speaker out, 1x Line in, 1x Microphone input, 3x CD Audio Inputs (2x shared with different interfaces, and 1x auxiliary)
    * 1x Wake On LAN (Wake on modem had a spot on the board, but no header)
    * 2x Floppy Disk Drives via 1x Legacy Floppy Controller
    * 4x ATA100 IDE Hard Disk Drives via 2x IDE Controller Interfaces
    * 4x ATA100 IDE Hard Disk Drives via 2x HPT370 IDE Controller Interface capable of RAID0, RAID1 or RAID0+1
    * Ultra DMA33 / 66 / 100
    * 2x Front USB (optional cables were NOT included)

    Integrated Audio
    * AC'97 2.1 Software Codec

    Fan Headers
    * 1x w/ RPM monitor at North side of board for CPU
    * 1x w/ RPM monitor at South side of motherboard for front case fan

    * ATX Form Factor
    * Dimension: 30.5cm X 24.4 cm (W x L)

    So what's changed with the new M7MIA RAID, also known as the M7MIA 2.0 (didn't know that without the help of a dookie chrome sticker on the board), over the previous M7MIA?

    Well, there is no way to change the multiplier, no VIO selection, only two fan headers, a HUGE form factor and the ATX power connector is in a wacky ass place on the board. Still.

    Oh... What's CHANGED about the new M7MIA?

    It's got RAID!

    There are two bright red IDE controllers now found on the board that features the Highpoint 370 RAID controller (reminiscent of the Abit line of RAID boards) giving you the ability to run either 8 IDE devices, RAID 0 (striped), RAID 1 (mirrored) or RAID 0+1 (mirrored striped).

    Of course a motherboard that has RAID is not a big deal in this day and age, although something has to be said about the fact that it's a DDR board with RAID, or the fact that it's an AMD 761 based DDR board with RAID (other manufactures claim the lack of AMD chipsets is the reason for hardly any 761 based boards on the market), or the fact that it's a DDR board with RAID that sells for UNDER $150!

    Yep... It's under $150. Can we get a DDR board WITHOUT RAID for less than that?

    Actually, there's nothing new about the M7MIA RAID if you live OUTSIDE of the US, but the earlier RAID version of the M7MIA was truly only a regular M7MIA but with RAID. A few more things have changed that make this board "the 2.0"...

    >> Is There More To It Than Just A RAID Controller?

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    1. Reintroducing The M7MIA
    2. Introducing The M7MIA 2.0 RAID
    3. Is There More To It Than Just A RAID Controller?
    4. Pros & Cons/Conclusion

    Did you like this review?
    Product Info
    Name: M7MIA RAID
    Company: Biostar
    Price: Click To Find Lowest
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