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    SLCentralHardwareReviewsNetworking Jun 5th, 2020 - 9:56 PM EST
    D-Link DWL-920 802.11b USB Wireless Networking Kit
    Author: Chris Oh
    Date Posted: March 30th, 2001
    Rating: 10/10 SystemLogistics


    Just like I mentioned earlier, the USB wireless network adapter functions just like a conventional Ethernet adapter. There is nothing special about accessing other computers and nothing special about sharing net access. All your software will see the DWL-120 as just another Ethernet adapter. I used the kit for many things such as Internet, games, copying files, and printing. Installation on a laptop is pretty straightforward too and it also worked well. I was able to walk around the house with a laptop in my arms chatting with my friends. While watching the signal strength meter, I noticed that the signal strength got stronger with fewer obstructions in the way (duh).


    There are some issues and beliefs when it comes to wireless networks. One is that they don't perform as well as wired networks because people seem to think it takes longer for a signal to go through the air than it does to go through a wire. First off, even if it did in the first place, you would not even notice a difference. I didn't. Browsing felt the same, ping rates were a wee bit more but not noticeable in performance. There was no more lag in accessing computer wirelessly than in accessing it through conventional Ethernet.

    On a side note: using this product will not give you brain damage or cancer any more than a cell phone will. Your brain will not absorb all the data floating around your head generated from the AP because in all likelihood there is 10 times more data floating around your head from other sources such as TV stations, radio stations, phones, etc… Dispel those rumors because you will not be adversely affected by having radio signals all around.


    Closely watching the signal strength meter, I noticed that my average signal strength was "Very Good" at 54% while jumping down to "Good" to jumping up to "Excellent". But no matter how hard I tried, I could not get the strength to 100%, even when I put the adapter a foot away from the AP. So all tests were performed in real-world conditions at "Very Good" signal strength. As for the tests, I performed them with a host computer running Windows 2000 with a 10/100 D-Link Ethernet Card connected to a 10/100 Ethernet switch and the client connected wirelessly running Windows98.

    File-Transfer Speed Test

    File transfer speeds are really the most important factor in determining a network for the home or office. In the first test, I transferred a 46.1MB MPEG movie of Britney Spears TO the host computer at a rate of 3.6-4.8Mbps on various tries.

    Transfers FROM the host to the computer was the same on most occasions, not surprisingly.

    100MB of various files of various sizes transferred at a rate of 3.2Mbps-3.4Mbps, again, a good rate of speed. Although it's lower than the rated 11Mbps, it's still within acceptable and accepted limits as nothing ever really reached it's maximum speed in the world of networking.

    SiSoft tests were inconclusive as I got an error message saying that the transfer packet was too large for the network.

    >> Conclusion

    Article Navigation
    1. Introduction
    2. IEEE 802.11b Wirless Area Network Standard In A Nutshell
    3. Specs
    4. The Kit
    5. Installation
    6. Usage/Performance/Benchmarks/File Transfer Speed
    7. Conclusion
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    Product Info
    Name: DWL-920 802.11b USB Wireless Networking Kit
    Company: D-Link
    Release Date: 1/29/01
    Price: Click To Find Lowest
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