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    Netgear RT314 DSL/Cable 4-Port Router Review
    January 26th, 2001
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    In a world where everything revolves around the Internet, there is nothing more important than protecting your investment and keeping your info private. There are many things about your computer that you might not be aware of, there are many open ports in a standard computer connected to the internet and any one of those open ports can be a gateway for a hacker to get into your system and access your files. This is of course, not good. There are safeguards you can take and programs you can use to close these ports so they cannot be accessed but the problem is still there, the ports exist and are still visible to the intruder. Someone once told me that even if you have good security, a persistent hacker would eventually gain access. This canít be more right, no matter how much security you have installed in your system; people will find a way in. This is where firewalls come into play. Firewalls are systems, which control access policy between two or more networks. Suffice it to say that firewalls keep people out of your system while letting you do your job normally. Corporations and institutions have and maintain hardware firewalls because they want their private and sensitive information to remain in their own computers and they donít want anyone outside of their network to get access to it. These firewalls are very hard to penetrate and are very good investments. Enough about firewalls. Today at take a long due look at a network router from a well-known company known as Netgear. The RT314 is a good solution for those of you who had jumped on the broadband bandwagon but donít have anything to share the connection between your systems with.

    Routers, What Do They Do?

    The principal of a router is simple. Since there is only one IP given to an account, the router is connected directly to the broadband connection and then it internally splits the IPís into internal IPís (as opposed to the one external IP you get) and each of the internal IPís are given to a computer on the network.

    For example:

    As you can see, all the PCís connected to the router share the same ISP provided IP but they have different internal IPís so the router can differentiate them from one another and make sure that signals go to the right place. The only reason why there are different internal IPís is that so the router can keep track of which computers are using the internet and what signals are going to which computers. This works both ways. When sending something to the ISP, the computer, lets say PC1 (internal IP sends an email, the data will go to the router and then the router will send it with the external IP (206.12.656.20) and when someone replies, the data will go to eh external IP and then to the router and the router knows which computer the data will go to because of the internal IP. So to sum it up in a clamshell, routers basically route the data from the ISP to the counters and vice versa. Go figure.

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    Author: Chris Oh
    Company: Netgear
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