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    Netgear RT314 DSL/Cable 4-Port Router Review
    January 26th, 2001
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    Alternatives To A Router

    A router allows a broadband signal to be split into multiples signals allowing easy sharing. What are the alternatives? First of all, you can network all the computers in the home and have one as the host server, which is the computer physically connected to the broadband line and the other computers. This computer then shares the Internet connection with other computers on the network through software such as Win98SEís Internet Connection Sharing. The obvious downside to this is resources eaten by the software and the fact that the host computer must be on at all times for the connection sharing to work. If the host is down, so are all the other computers. Another solution for more people is to purchase multiple IPís from your carrier. Most telephone and cable companies provide broadband service but only include one IP address so only one computer can use the Internet at a time when they are connected through a hub. The downside to multiple IPís is the cost, which ranges from $5-25 per IP. Another alternative is to just use one computer for the Internet, which is obviously out of the question for me.

    Advantages Of The RT314

    A router is a router is a router, they just connect to the internet on one end and they connect to the wall on the other. This is fine for people who only have one computer. But Netgear took a page from the common sense book and decided it would be easier for people if they included a switch in the same enclosure. This is good because there is no need for an extra hub or switch to share your connection with. Plug the router in, plug 1 or more computers into the built-in 4-port switch, and you have 4 internet-ready computer. Also, sharing files and playing games over the LAN is possible just like with any other switch.

    Built-in firewall action going on for you folks making secret covert operation plans. There is a built-in hardware firewall in this puppy and it acts to protectÖ

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    Find the lowest price of this product Discuss this article
    Open a printer-friendly version of this article Write and/or read user review/s of this product
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    Article Navigation
    1. Introduction/Routers What Do They Do?
    2. Alternatives To A Router/Advantages
    3. Specs
    4. Installation/Setup
    5. Usage
    5. Pros & Cons/Conclusion
    Article Info
    Author: Chris Oh
    Company: Netgear
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