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    Netgear RT314 DSL/Cable 4-Port Router Review
    January 26th, 2001
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    Here at SL, we have a Verizon ADSL connection split to 2 computers (sometimes 3) with a D-Link switch. When we moved to the router, we were expecting some sort of performance hit or incompatibilities with Napster or Diablo II. As we moved all our connections to the router and set up the network again, we found the response time was the same and file transfer speeds were identical to the D-Link unit. When testing access speeds across the network with Sandra’s Network Benchmark with a Win2k and a Win98SE machine, we hit the standard 9100kB/s and sometimes got to 10668kB/s. Not a bad performing switch at all. All this time, I kept the router right next to me but there were so many lights flashing it distracted me from my work so I had to move it someplace where it wouldn’t distract me. As for performance, the switch was able to handle anything we threw at it including file serving, web serving, serving files to all the greedy monkeys on Napster, and plain old file transfers. As for routing performance, I have no idea how to test this but we can safely say that the Internet is there, it works, and it works fast. Just as fast as before with no reason on why it should work faster.

    Needless to say, there were problems, some big some small. Specific instances for example, we were using CuteMX before using the router and we were able to download more than 10 files simultaneously but with the router, we could only download one at a time. This might be because the router wont let you open more than one connection any specific host. There were no available information on this happening and fixes. We tested this again with our D-Link switch and everything was file. Also, there was another thing that we couldn’t do with the router. We were trying to make calls from the Internet to telephones using Net2Phone (IP telephony). Although we could make the calls, we couldn’t hear the person we called but they could hear us. This was because we were sending a signal out to their phone using our ISP IP but when they replied and said something back, the data went to the ISP IP expecting to reach a computer but it hit the router instead and the data got “lost”. This is a known issue and might not be fixed anytime soon.

    As for firewall performance… this is a great firewall. The good thing about having a firewall as opposed to just closing your ports is that a firewall completely hides your computer from the outside world of the internet while blocking ports keep your computers visible but ports secured. How I see it is that if you want something done, you have to go all the way. An invisible computer is better than a protected one. When I went to and tested the computer’s security. I passed with flying colors and no improvements were suggested. Props to Netgear on the high quality firewall.

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    Author: Chris Oh
    Company: Netgear
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