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Fellowes PDA Stylus Pen
Author: Mike Kitchenman
Date Posted: November 7th, 2001


Your stylus is your link into your Palm Pilot, and for some people it can also be the bane of its use. I have some pretty large hands, and that makes the conveniently compact styli annoyingly difficult to use. Once I got tired of the hand cramps that plagued me after 20 minutes of use, I started my quest for a better, larger stylus to suit my giant paws.

Soon thereafter I came across a stylus and pen combo while I was at work (Circuit City.) It was pretty cheap on the shelf, so I decided to grab one and give it a try. Now comes the great test, does it do what is supposed to do; write well and comfortably?

Packaging And Construction

The stylus was packaged pretty simply, as it was simply a pen with an unusual tip. The bubble front covered a cardboard back that has simple instructions on how to use it.

The pen itself actually consists of several parts, the shaft, the cartridge, the spring and the clicker. Pretty much standard for a pen, which is a really good thing here. Most of these things you get for Palms are so proprietary that you can't do anything with them, except spend a ton of money on parts from the manufacturer. Well, this pen is mostly standard stuff that Staples or Office Max stores will carry usually. It's a good deal in my book. The one exception to the rule for standard components is a good exception. The clicker button on the back of the pen unscrews from the body, and it reveals nothing less than a reset wand tip for your Palm/Visor.

The last cool feature of the pen is that the pocket clip portion of it will pop into your palm III/V/VII's stylus holder. This should be cool, but unfortunately I didn't like it at all. The body of the pen is too thick for a comfortable fit on the V units, and then on the III and VII units, it sticks out the back making a really strange shape.

Design: 3/4


I'd go thru an install section like I normally do, but it's a freaking pen/ doesn't exactly have hardware to work out or software to install, so I'm skipping it.

The actual use of the pen was what I was wondering about here. The dual functionality bit was a bit different, and I Wanted to see if it was comfortable more than anything, since that's what I was really after. The pen has a thick shaft, roughly double the diameter of a palm metal stylus. This was something I really took a liking to in a hurry, as my big hands cramp up when using a tiny stylus. (For reference, my middle finger is as long as a normal stylus is.)

The tip of the pen is the stylus, which you can use whenever the ballpoint pen is retracted. It works easy enough, and the pen itself writes as well as a decent ballpoint. It's not remarkable, but it's not a disposable pen, either.

Usage: 5/6

Pros & Cons


  • Great feel
  • Thicker Shaft
  • Pen and Stylus in one
  • Can lock into your Palm III/V/VII
  • Got big hands? Try one out!!!


  • Locking into a palm is cumbersome
  • Not everyone will like the size


Do I like the stylus? Hell yeah! The thing is pretty well made all around, and nothing I saw really was all that bad. With a price of around 7 or 8 bucks, I'd say buy one, and the least you'll end up with is a decent pen.

SLRating: 8/10

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