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    SLCentralHardwareReviewsPDA Jul 12th, 2020 - 12:42 PM EST
    Handera TRGPro
    Author: Drew Lanclos
    Date Posted: July 5th, 2001
    Rating: 9.5/10 SystemLogistics

    Using CF+ Devices

    As I mentioned earlier, I only had three CF cards, two of which were memory cards and the third was a Socket Ethernet adapter. I originally had believed that the installation of the Ethernet adapter would be a simple one - Just install the card, configure a network connection using it, and then find some apps to use it.

    Installing the Ethernet adapter pointed out one minor flaw in the unit's design. In order to access the CF slot, the user must slide off the infrared coverplate and slide the card in. While this is certainly the best place to put the CF slot, the downside is oriented around the panel. Since the panel normally covers the infrared transceiver, installing a CF card temporarily exposes this hardware to potential foreign object damage. Furthermore, if the card you're using has a dongle or any sort of protrusion from it, such as a phone jack or a cord coming out of it, you'll have to leave the cover off for the entire duration of the use of the CF card. This means that not only is the IR hardware exposed (and the Palm mainboard it's attached to), but the possibility of losing the coverplate is pretty high.

    After inserting the Ethernet adapter, I went to select my connection in the preferences, but found that there was no information or selection for my device, or any sort of non-modem device. Just on a whim, I tried the CF serial and direct serial options, but to no avail. Information on the HandEra website about CF Ethernet adapters was sparse, other than simply stating that they work. With this in mind, I contacted HandEra technical support. They sent me an application, NPPI Installer, which was supposed to change the preferences and install the new connection. It failed to work, unfortunately, and I was unable to get a further answer from HandEra's support team about why the device wasn't responding properly.

    This highlights one of the primary characteristics of the TRGpro, which, to some, may be a drawback. The TRGpro isn't really geared for the mainstream audience. It's really designed to be used by the technically apt, either by a tech-savvy geek or by an IT manager. While the device's capabilities may seem a bit difficult to implement, those that would best make use of its features should already have the capability or resources to implement those features.

    By customizing the TRGpro to suit a company's needs, the device can easily be adapted and rolled out to service a wide array of needs in industry, commerce, and even education. Several universities and schools nationwide are bucking the laptop trend, instead implementing a Palm "network" whereby users all operate and interact using a customized Palm-based PDA. The TRGpro is ideally suited for such an application. When compared to the Visor, another excellent PDA, it can be demonstrated that most of the Springboard modules available for the Visor are designed for home users and geeks both, but the versatility of the TRGpro makes it ideal for industrial applications.

    >> Pros & Cons/Conclusion

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    2. CompactFlash+ And You
    3. Functionality
    4. Using CF+ Devices
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    Name: TRGPro
    Company: Handera
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