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    Name: M-Systems
    Company: M-Systems
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    SLCentralHardwareReviewsStorage Jun 5th, 2020 - 10:51 PM EST
    M-Systems DiskOnKey
    Author: Chris Oh
    Date Posted: August 17th, 2001
    Rating: 9.5/10 SystemLogistics

    Real World Testing/Torture Testing

    I don't know about you folks, but everything on my keychain is at risk of getting broken. People throw their keys on the table; drop them all the time, that kind of stuff. So I put the DiskOnKey through a rigorous set of tests to make sure it held up during real world usage. First off, I attached it to my keychain with 4 keys and a belt clip.

    First test: Drop from 10ft. I usually don't drop my keys from ten feet in the air but I thought it'd be more dramatic than a 3 ft drop and besides, I'm pretty confident one of these days I'll drop my keys from higher than ten feet. The drop will be from the upper outer stairwell to the concrete floor.

    Results: After a sickening crack, the DiskOnKey came out of it with only a couple of scratches. I seriously thought the casing would have been compromised but that wasn't the case. The thick plastic they used really helped. I then tested it out to see if it actually worked, which it did even after that shock.

    Second test: Water test! With Texas being known for it's torrential flooding and downpours, I never put any type of electronic device on my keychain for fear that I'll kill it. Not this time, if I'm keeping this on my keychain, it better stand up to some water action. For this test, I simply tossed the DiskOnKey into a cup of water for about 2 seconds until I saw that it was fully wet (this also cleaned off some of the dirt from the drop). Then I let it sit for a couple of hours in the sun until I knew the circuits were dry.

    Results: Wow, still works, I expected it to work since I let it dry. Don't do this at home folks; I actually have some clue as to what I'm doing (or I'm good at pretending)

    Third test: Heat! Texas is known for it's hot weather (102 degrees right now) and its amazingly cold weather (it snowed last year). So for this test, I took my car out into the middle of the parking lot when the weather was at a toasty 102 degrees and left it there fro a good 4 hours (my car is black by the way). The air temp inside the car got up to t a toasty 115 degrees and the dashboard temp was even hotter. Of course I decided to go for the hotter temperature and stick the DiskOnKey on the dashboard for a good hour or two.

    Results: When I came back from the bar a couple hours later, I noticed that the DiskOnKey was still on the dashboard, fearing it had melted, I rushed in and found out that it was still intact. I actually burned my hand picking it up, that's how hot it was. I rushed home and plugged it in and amazingly it still worked.

    Fourth test: Cold! What better way to test for cold conditions than the freezer? The freezer temp is about as cold as Texas gets at its worst so it was a good idea to start there. I set the timer for 2 hours and tossed the DiskOnKey into the icebox. 2 hours later, I came back and took the disk out.

    Results: I honestly thought this was the only test that the DiskOnKey will have passed. This genuinely surprised me and I was pretty glad when the LED came on and it started working again (especially since I saved this review onto it to track progress).

    Final test: Crushing! Did you ever realize just how many times you sit on your keys? I never realized until I started thinking about it. I had to laugh because it's more than I'd care to share. I'm one heavy dude so I should be a great candidate for an informal crush test. For this test, we put the DOK on the floor and I sat on it. Well, I never literally sat on it because by buttocks would cushion the DOK so I set the DOK on the floor and put a piece of plywood over it. Now at this point, I was sure I'd crack the sucker into 50 parts by doing this but I had to for the name of hardware. I took a break and then sat my 200lbs onto the board.

    Results: I heard some cracks on the way to putting all my weight on the board. I honestly thought I'd at LEAST split the casing open and expose the insides. To my incredible surprise, when I lifted the board up after the test, the DOK was still in one piece, there was a small crack in the middle of it (where it was highest) but that was about it, you could not even notice it. I was in shock and a little disappointed by my ineffectiveness as a crusher but still happy nevertheless. I took it and plugged it in and it still worked. Amazing. I honestly believe the clip had something to do with it because it is the highest point and it most likely kept a large portion of the weight off the body of the DOK. This is good engineering on their part and good news for me, it still works and my review is intact.

    >> Pros & Cons/Conclusion

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    2. Usage/Transfer Speeds
    3. Specs
    4. Real World Testing/Torture Testing
    5. Pros & Cons/Conclusion

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