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    Product Info
    Name: Radeon 7500
    Company: ATI
    Price: Click To Find Lowest
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    SLCentralHardwareReviewsVideo Feb 23rd, 2020 - 1:40 PM EST
    ATI Radeon 7500
    Author: David Pitlyuk
    Date Posted: January 11th, 2002
    SLRating: 9/10



    • Featuring CHARISMA ENGINE™ for cutting-edge character animation features
    • PIXEL TAPESTRY™ supports advanced multi-texturing and new 3D effects with eye-popping photo-realistic impact and smooth frame rates
    • Dual independent display support
    • DVI-ready for the digital flat panel revolution
    • Supports up to 230MHz DDR memory
    • HYPER Z™ technology to boost effective memory bandwidth by more than 20% (8.8 GB/sec)


    • Features CHARISMA ENGINE™, a geometry processing unit
    • First to incorporate acceleration for advanced character animation features
    • Includes 4-matrix skinning and keyframe interpolation
    • Enables game characters to display life-like facial expressions and to achieve fluid movement and motion

    PIXEL TAPESTRY™ architecture

    • Fast 32-bit color rendering engine
    • Supports three-way multi-texturing and 3D effects without compromising speed
    • Process up to 3 textures per pixel in a single clock cycle, bringing 3D worlds to life with incredible detail and realism
    • Deal easily with complex elements such as metals, liquids and wood and their interactions with lights and shadows

    Flexible, high performance memory support

    • Incorporates support for double data rate SDRAM/SGRAM at up to 230MHz
    • Features HYPER Z™ technology to boost effective memory bandwidth by over 20% (8.8 GB/sec)

    Dual monitor support

    • Leading-edge technology supports multiple combinations of traditional CRT monitors, flat panel displays and TV
    • Dual DAC (digital-to-analog converter) at 350MHz for cost-effective dual independent display support at maximum resolutions
    • Integrated TMDS transmitter with ratiometric expander for digital flat panel monitor resolutions of up to 1600x1200


    • Industry-leading digital video features, including advanced de-interlacing algorithms for unprecedented video quality
    • Adaptive de-interlacing optimally selects between the bob or weave technique on a per pixel basis, eliminating twitter and feathering artifacts, resulting in high quality de-interlacing of both still and motion video


    • 3-year limited warranty

    You can see from the specs that this card is full-featured with things like a DVI connector, multiple monitor support, and 64MB of DDR memory. The Radeon 7500 also retails for $199.99 but you can find it online for somewhere in the low $100's.

    One of the best parts that I liked was the support for multiple monitors and a DVI connector. The DVI connector is something you usually see on higher end cards. I personally am all for the move to LCD's and a digital connection over analog so I was very happy to see this a not-so-expensive card.

    Also the dual monitor works VERY well and has very powerful software support. I'll go over more about this in the software section of the review.

    Here's 2 shots of dual monitor capabilities in action:

    The monitors are mirrored

    The monitors are extended showing one LONG excel worksheet

    In the features list you saw something called video immersion. As it states there, it's a technology that allows for adaptive de-interlacing for best quality motion video and text. Because of this, the DVD quality is superb and very impressive.

    >> The Card

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    Article Navigation

    1. Introduction/Specs
    2. Features
    3. The Card
    4. Test Setup
    5. 3DMark 2001
    6. Quake3 Arena - Fastest
    7. Quake3 Arena - Normal
    8. Quake3 Arena - High Quality/Evolva
    9. Software
    10. Pros & Cons/Conclusion

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