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    Name: TV Master + FM
    Company: Phoebe Micro
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    SLCentralHardwareReviewsVideo Nov 24th, 2014 - 12:55 AM EST
    Phoebe Micro TV Master + FM
    Author: Paul Mazzucco
    Date Posted: February 27th, 2002
    SLRating: 6.5/10


    The longer I've been in college, and the more time I spend living in cramped quarters, the more I've come to rely on making all my space serve double-duty: all my lights are clip-on; my printer is on top of my monitor; some wall-space is reserved not for posters, but instead for my whiteboard (I use it heavily for coding); last summer I enlisted a TV Tuner to gain even more space. When I got the Phoebe Micro TV Master + FM, I was about ready to replace my old TV Tuner, and my stereo too (more space!).

    In The Box

    • TV Master + FM PCI Card
    • Remote Control
    • User's Manual and Utility CD
    • RCA Adapter
    • Radio antenna
    • Remote Sensor cable


    Watching TV on Video Display

    • Resizable TV window from icon size to full screen
    • 125 channel cable ready TV Tuner function
    • Closed caption
    • 16-channel preview function
    • Auto scan tuning of Broadcast and Cable TV channels
    • Stereo and Mute Functions
    • Listen to FM Radio while you work on your Computer
    • Autoscan.
    • 20 preset Stations Fine Tune.
    • Station Number and Frequency Display

    Image / Video Capture

    • 15 Frames per second
    • AVI & BMP compatible
    • YUV 4:2:2 quality with RGB 32, 24, 15 format
    • Support Coax, Composite, S-Video and Camera input CVBS)
    • Full screen (up to 640x480) capture capability

    Internet / Point-to-Point Phone Application

    • NetMeeting compatible and support H.324 standard
    • Sound card, modem and camcorder or Desktop camera required

    Other features

    • No VGA loop-back cable required
    • High bandwidth PCI 2.1 bus mastering with PNP capability
    • Support Color and Picture adjustment
    • Video source and video standard selection
    • Stereo audio input and output
    • Support NTSC broadcast standard
    • Remote control
    • PC 97 & 98 standard


    Input Signal

    • 75 ohm coaxial TV antenna input
    • FM Antenna Input
    • S-Video input
    • Composite (RCA) video input
    • Remote sensor

    Output Signal

    • Audio output (loop to sound card

    >> Manual/Software/Installation

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    2. Manual/Installation/Software
    3. Usage/Radio
    4. Pros & Cons/Conclusion

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