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    SLCentralGamesReviews Oct 19th, 2019 - 1:12 PM EST
    Half-Life: Blue Shift
    Author: Stan Press
    Date Posted: July 11th, 2000
    Rating: 8.5/10 SystemLogistics


    We all know and love the gameplay that Half-Life originally had to offer. It is one of the greatest games of all time for a reason, isn't it? The same quality of fun was placed into the first expansion pack, Opposing Force (made by Gearbox Interactive) where you played a military grunt instead of a scientist. This time, you're just some lowly security guard who has taken the Blue Shift (also by Gearbox) who was also left behind. That's really all there is too the plot… aside from you finding a group of scientists and helping them figure a way out of the Black Mesa Facility.

    Now you start off the game just looking back at the original main character, Gordon Freeman, as he drives by in the little railcar. As you run around performing the required tasks, you run by parts of the game that you only managed to get a glimpse of the first time around. You even get to see some of the events that transpired in the original game. Instead of the original responses to when you try to talk to a scientist, they throw off cute little remarks such as: "Why don't you go guard a doughnut or something?"

    Since you're just Barney Calhoun, a lowly security guard, you won't get to wear a nifty HEV suit or anything like that. Instead, you get a basic helmet and vest as your armor. The only way to grab more is to pick it off dead security guards lying around. Way to pay homage to your fallen comrades, eh? Just jack their armor! The med-stations you will still are able to use just fine but no longer the HEV chargers.

    Things get rather depressing at this point. As I was going through the game, I collected all of the original guns pretty quickly. I was wondering how did that happen and why weren't there any new weapons… and then I beat the game 20 minutes later. I'm sorry but the expansion is incredibly short. You can get it over with in about 5-6 hours on the hardest difficulty. I actually reloaded the game a few times just to make sure I wasn't being stupid. And yes, it is incredibly short and anti-climactic. There was no difficult task or huge final boss to kill, all that happens is the game simply ends and cues credits.

    Honestly, I was expecting something about the length of Opposing Force but looks like it's far from it. Blue Shift's gameplay was just as good as the previous games in the series but it ends much too quickly.

    Gameplay: 8/10

    >> Conclusion

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    Name: Half-Life: Blue Shift
    Company: Sierra
    Price: Click To Find Lowest
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