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    Name: Capitalism II
    Company: Ubisoft
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    SLCentralGamesReviews Aug 7th, 2020 - 4:26 PM EST
    Capitalism II
    Author: Aaron Dahlen
    Date Posted: February 15th, 2002
    SLRating: 8.5/10


    From an isometric viewpoint, you look down on cities of the world. They range from Osaka, Japan to Sydney, Australia to Rome, Italy. Capitalism II features three levels of zoom from which to play, although getting in close to see all of the detail in the graphics serves no real purpose in the gameplay. I preferred to observe from the median or farthest viewpoint. The visuals are just enough to keep things interesting. Not a sign of 3D to be found, but the 2D vehicles, pedestrians, and structures are fairly well portrayed. You navigate from place to place via the world map, the miniature map, or just by scrolling as you would in any other strategy game. Most of the time it's quite difficult to pick out your firms from the isometric view, so it's much more simple to just find their icons on the miniature map and click there.

    A few brisk tunes are included on the CD that run during the gameplay. Unfortunately, similarly to Seven Kingdoms II, every couple of minutes or so when it's time for the music to change, the CD-ROM drive has to spin up and Capitalism II freezes for a few seconds to wait. Thankfully, it's as easy as pie to head to the options and switch the music off. Not many sound effects are to be found in Capitalism II aside from a little beep when an important news event has occurred.

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