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    SLCentralGamesReviews Jul 11th, 2020 - 3:18 PM EST
    Myst III: Exile
    Author: Drew Lanclos
    Date Posted: June 13th, 2000
    Rating: 9/10 SystemLogistics
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    In the end, I expected to get a little bit more gameplay than I did out of Exile, having completed it in less than eight hours. However, given the pace that I attacked the game at, I could easily see someone taking twice as long, methodically analyzing each of the puzzles. And for the record, I didn't read a FAQ until the *very* end of the game. I solved each of the puzzles in the training ages without any help. Exile is still a great game to play with a good friend or companion, though, putting your heads together to solve the riddles of the Ages.

    Some of the local plant (and animal) life in Edanna…

    Exile was a beautiful journey that reminded me of how much I used to love adventure games. Now that adventures have been eclipsed by RPGs, RTSes, and FPSes, nobody really stops to pay attention to some of the classics like Myst, The Journeyman Project, the Zork series, and any of LucasArts' assorted SCUMM games. They're part of what made the gaming industry what it is today, though, and thus should be equally appreciated. If you've got the time, take a break from the frenetic pace of your mainstream gaming and relax a while with Exile. If you've got a little bit more time, then I *heartily* recommend the Myst novels by Hyperion. They're written by the Miller brothers, and they shed an incredible amount of detail and background onto the already well-crafted story.

    Myst III was no disappointment at all. Truly a polished gem, and worth anyone's attention.

    Story: 9
    Graphics & Sound: 10
    Gameplay: 9
    Fun Factor: 9
    Lasting Appeal: 7
    Final Score: 9

    Rating: 9/10 SystemLogistics

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    Product Info
    Name: Myst III: Exile
    Company: Ubi Soft
    Price: Click To Find Lowest
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