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    Ryanpower2 CableFREE 550W ACR-PS2100
    Author: JonnyGuru
    Date Posted:03/04/2005 08:22.50
    SLRating: SLRating: 7/10
    Bottom Line: Given the nice finish, the modular cables and the around $100 price tag, I'd say this power supply gets a good rating in the features column. Does the CableFree 550W pull off being a quality power supply from the masters of mod or does it turn out to be all show?

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    Buzz Buzz.  Buzz Buzz in the eardrum!

    When I fired up the power supply, I noticed very little fan noise.  This is due in part to using an 80MM fan on the back and a slightly larger 92MM fan on the bottom.But after a few seconds into using the power supply I started hearing a buzz.  As I loaded up the 12V rail, the buzz became louder.  I have to take the power supply apart anyway, so I decided to do so prior to doing load tests so I could figure out where the buzzing was coming from.

    What I saw was some pretty sloppy workmanship.  The interface card looks as if it was hand-soldered.  Not that there's anything wrong with that, but this was a problem with very early versions of the Ultra X-Connect and they fixed it.  It looks like A.C. Ryan is going to need to "fix" this as well.  I couldn't see where the 12V was shorting to, but I was fairly certain that this was the cause of my buzzing noise.  I also noticed that when the cover is installed onto the power supply, the fan actually pushes up against the interface card.  That can't help matters any. 

    A whole lot of solder going on.  This was one of the neater parts of the interface board.  Notice the one 12V wire jumping up and over two others to get soldered underneath them.  Huh?

    Not even fan headers were soldered to the board straight. Not that they were lose or anything, but I'm not sure why they were like this.

    I haven't figured out who actually makes the Ryanpower2 power supply.  It's UL listed, but no number is provided.  It's board layout is quite different from most others.  Notice the use of a single 400V 470uF capacitor on the AC input instead of a pair of 200V 800~1200uF capacitors.  I'm not sure what difference this makes (feel free to email me!), but certainly one capacitor is cheaper than two?

    I decided to put the cover back on the power supply and proceed with the testing, regardless of the buzzing noises...

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