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    Ryanpower2 CableFREE 550W ACR-PS2100
    Author: JonnyGuru
    Date Posted:03/04/2005 08:22.50
    SLRating: SLRating: 7/10
    Bottom Line: Given the nice finish, the modular cables and the around $100 price tag, I'd say this power supply gets a good rating in the features column. Does the CableFree 550W pull off being a quality power supply from the masters of mod or does it turn out to be all show?

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    Test Results

    Well... This is getting ridiculous.  I had a run of successful power supply tests and then all hell breaks loose and I can't get back to where I came from.  The buzzing noise never went away.  In fact, it got worse.  Although I may have just received a bad unit, I can't help to think that the problem is because of the quality control of the workmanship inside.  As I kicked the power supply up to test three, the buzzing noise was down right scary.  And the buzz would pulsate in synch with the 12V rail dropping as low as 9.8V!  I didn't even bother with the full load test. I was already severely out of spec on the 12V rail and if the buzzing got any louder, like the whimpers of a dying dog, I was going to have to put the PSU out of it's misery with a shotgun.

    Ryanpower2 CableFREE 550W Zero Load Test One (367W) Test Two (302W) Test Three (430W) Full Load
    12V 12.20 12.04 12.08 9.80 FAIL
    5V 5.15 5.03 5.00 5.00 FAIL
    3.3V 3.40 3.31 3.31 3.28 FAIL
    Efficiency 22% 69% 68% 70% FAIL
    Power Factor .96 .99 .99 .99 FAIL

    Temperature under load = 36C. Temperature after power off =60C.

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