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    Samsung SyncMaster 172W LCD Monitor Review
    Author: Jakester
    Date Posted: July 13th, 2003
    SLRating: SLRating: 9.5/10
    Bottom Line: LCD Monitors continue to improve picture quality, brightness and viewing angles, we got hold of the latest Samsung SyncMaster 172W LCD Monitor and put it to the test. Find out how we rated it and what makes it different from the rest in our official review...

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    At last, the moment of truth. How will the SyncMaster perform while we put it through a series of the most stressful tests via DisplayMate's monitor testing software. Will it ghost when we play a fast-paced First Person Shooter? Hold on as we make the 172W flash every shade of black white and grey imaginable...

    SyncMaster meet your doom.


    Take this!


    And that!


    How about some color!?

    Piece of cake. After the many stress tests the DisplayMate put the SyncMaster through, it came out on top. All of the colors were vibrant and sharp. One of the tests checked for dead pixels, and much to my delight, the total count was a big fat zero. So far the SyncMaster has shown no signs of having any of the normal problems that come with LCD monitors (IE: Dead pixels, Low viewing angle, etc..). I shouldn't speak too soon being as I haven't seen how it performs while playing a First Person Shooter video game. So I loaded up Tactical Operations, a mod for Unreal Tournament, and got down to fraggin'.

    After several hours of playing (it looked so good I didn't want to stop playing), I was extremely happy with its performance. There was absolutely no ghosting and the game looked brighter and more beautiful then ever before. The 172W passed all of the tests without a problem. Impressed with the results I decided it was time to watch a movie. Here I could see how SyncMaster's natural widescreen shape looks while playing movies in widescreen format.


    Before I started the movie I called my girlfriend over to check out the new monitor. We watched the movie together and both ended up paying more attention to the monitor then to each other. I asked her what she thought of the 172W and well, she was in love and it wasn't with me. The movie looked just drop-dead gorgeous - I wish it would never have ended.

    Having put the SyncMaster through a rollercoaster of images to display and seeing the excellent results, it is time to wrap things up.

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