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    Scythe Co NCU-1000 Heat Sink
    Author: Matt
    Date Posted: July 7th, 2003
    SLRating: SLRating: 6/10
    Bottom Line: Scythe Co. and TS Heatronics have sent us their Heatlane NCU-1000 passive heatsink for review, come find out if this innovative heatpipe-like CPU cooler has the right stuff to keep things cool under pressure in our official review...

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    Because the NCU-1000 is very heavy, it is necessary to take advantage of the 4 mounting holes on the Pentium 4 motherboard, instead of using the standard plastic mounting bracket. To install the NCU-1000 the motherboard must be removed from the case and the support plate and insulation pad sandwiched on the back with the mounting screws coming through to connect with the copper heat spreader on the front of the board. The fin unit is attached to the heat spreader via the presser plate and the 4 presser plate screws. Finally everything is clamped down on both sides of the board and held firmly (yet gently) against your P4.

    This is definitely a ginormous heat sink, weighing in at around 1.5 pounds.

    The instructions indicate that the NCU-1000 should be mounted with the airflow vertical, I believe this to be so that gravity does not adversely bias one side of the heat sink over the other. With airflow vertical, the liquid in the tubes is always at a constant height.

    Now comes the fun part, the disclaimer:

    -Use this product at your own discretion.
    We assume no liability and provide no warranty for any mechanical damage of parts including a motherboard, CPU, memory, graphics board, other cards, hard drive, CD-ROM drive, and power supply unit; and for any software damage including data and programs in the hard drive.

    -This product has been manufactured for a general consumer. If you want to use it for a business application, contact our company for instructions.

    -This product is designed with maximum CPU load for P4 up to 2.8GHz as e-mailing, internet browsing, using word processor, spreadsheet software or equivalent at ambient temperature up to 25C.
    We assume no liability and provide no warranty for accidents and damages caused by the use of the product at higher CPU load environment than the above.
    This product does not guarantee performance at high CPU load environment such as data encoding, decoding, benchmark software running, etc.

    -Said performance of this product is according to the measurement value at our own test environment. The value may be different at other environment and/or conditions.

    -This product does not guarantee CPU overclocking. TS Heatronics shall not be liable and assumes no responsibility whatsoever for accidents and damages caused by the use of the product for an unspecified operation, such as overclocking.

    -There may be some products with slight flaws that were caused during the manufacturing process. Such flaws, however, will have no adverse effect on the product's performance.

    Scythe Co. was very adamant about getting the point across to me, they even went as far as printing the warning out from the webpage and circling it in red ink with the note "VERY IMPORTANT!!". So let it be said that while Scythe Co. stands behind the NCU-1000, they do so with a large disclaimer and long list of guidelines.

    With that, on to testing!


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