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    Building a Shuttle Gaming XPC
    Author: Daniel Topler
    Date Posted: August 30th, 2004
    Bottom Line: When Shuttle announced an XPC with an AGP slot, gamers could finally use this machine and loved the systems because they offered equal performance as their desktop counterparts, yet were stylish, light, and easy to build. SLCentral set out to build one spending under $1000, read on to find out more....

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    Other Accessories

    The keyboard and mouse are often overlooked when building a new system. I didn't include them in the final computer budget because most people already have keyboards and mice, but just in case, here are my recommendations.

    Instead of getting both a keyboard and mouse, a set is always nice. Wireless is even better. But, wireless mice tend to not offer the performance gamers are looking for. This changed with the MX700, which offered equal performance to their wired counterparts in a wireless form. Therefore, I recommend the Logitech MX Duo, which includes both the MX700 mouse and a matching keyboard.

    Speakers are also very important to have when gaming. Yet again, I decided not to include speakers in the final price for similar reasons as above. In addition, you can always use just headphones, which cost much less. Nevertheless, I do recommend the Logitech Z-680 or Klipsch Ultra 5.1 speakers as top-of-the-line offerings. In the middle, you should grab the Logitech Z-5300's. You can find them for about $100, are 5.1, and are THX certified. You can't get much better then that for the price. If you are looking for something cheaper, just head to your local CompUSA and test out speakers in your price range. Don't expect anything too good though.

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