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    Thermaltake Purepower TWV480 PSU
    Author: JonnyGuru
    Date Posted:01/05/2005 12:47.37
    SLRating: SLRating: 6.5/10
    Bottom Line: Initially it appears to be a very capable power supply..... but when you entice the buying public with bling and gizmos, slap a 400W label on it, and then bundle a 20-to-24-pin adapter, you invite disaster.

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    Thermaltake Purepower TWV480 Zero Load Test One (370W) Test Two (305W) Full Load (493W)
    12V 11.86 11.96 12.46 12.42
    5V 5.27 5.15 5.05 5.01
    3.3V 3.43 3.39 3.39 3.37
    Efficiency 32% 73% 73% 69%
    Power Factor .88 .99 .99 .99

    Temperature during Test Two:  33.5C.  Temperature after shut down:  38C.

    Ok.  You can tell that I'm being unusually harsh on this power supply, and I'm sorry if this makes me out to be unprofessional.  I never claimed to be a professional.  But I know Thermaltake knows the score.  They make what appears to be a very capable power supply for the demands of a Prescott or Athlon 64 in the PurePower 460W power supply (ATX12V2.01 PSU with dual 12V rails, 15A each.)  But what power supply is "20W more at 480W?"  Which power supply has the added toys like fan-speed controls, multi-colored lights and a "Total Watts Viewer?" The one with only 18A on the 12V rail... that's the one.

    Certainly Thermaltake isn't trying to sell this power supply as anything more than an ATX12V1.3 power supply, and it is a very good ATX12V power supply.  But when you entice the buying public with bling and gizmos, slap a 400W label on it, and then bundle a 20-to-24-pin adapter, you invite disaster. 

    Albiet this power supply did not blow up, I'm still only giving it a 6.5.

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