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    TTGI SuperFlower Plug-N Power 550W
    Author: JonnyGuru
    Date Posted:03/05/2005 15:02.43
    SLRating: SLRating: 8.5/10
    Bottom Line: This power supply exhibited a lot of the same issues as the Mad Dog. With added features like the 5-minute ramain running, the quieter 140MM fan that kept things VERY cool and the lower price scores this PSU higher than the Mad Dog.

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    Power Up

    The ENORMOUS 140MM fan with it's four blue LED's.

    On the back of the power supply, there's a little push button and three lights.  When we push the button, the RPM of the ENORMOUS 140MM fan changes.  What's nice is that the slowest setting allows the thermostatic control to override the low RPM, so when you start using the PSU and it gets hot, the fan kicks up a few revolutions to compensate.  The other two settings are faster and are labeled "normal" and "turbo."  Even at full speed at the fastest setting, the fan was still VERY quiet.  I want all power supplies to have 140MM fans in them from now on!  This thing is fantastic.  The PSU was typically around the neighborhood of under 35 degrees Celsius, and when the PC is shut down, the fans kept spinning for a couple of minutes so the temperatures never exceeded that number!

    A Honeycome grill for good air-flow.  You can also see the fan-speed selection button here.

    All of the way to the right of the SunMoon where it says "AC" is where the light is to tell me the power supply is on.  The light is out.  This is the power supply in it's "cool down" mode where the fan spins for five minutes after power off.  Note the 2A load on the +5VSB and the 17mA load on the 12V.

    Inside we see typical SuperFlower neatness.   This is something that's hard to do with a modular unit.  But like the Mad Dog, the cables are all routed behind the interface PCB.   The heatsinks are still rather small, and the transformers are small, but it looks like the AC filtering caps got an upgrade from 1000uF to 1200uF.

    Once again we see wires routed BEHIND the modular interface card.

    Bigger caps (1200uF) can be found in the TTGI/SuperFlower (Mad Dog uses 1000uF) and the chopper gets a heatsink where in the Mad Dog it does not.

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