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    TTGI SuperFlower Plug-N Power 550W
    Author: JonnyGuru
    Date Posted:03/05/2005 15:02.43
    SLRating: SLRating: 8.5/10
    Bottom Line: This power supply exhibited a lot of the same issues as the Mad Dog. With added features like the 5-minute ramain running, the quieter 140MM fan that kept things VERY cool and the lower price scores this PSU higher than the Mad Dog.

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    Results and Conclusions

    Mad Dog MD-500SCPS Zero Load Test One (364W) Test Two (306W) Test Three (465W) Full Load (554W)
    12V 12.14 11.8 12.5 11.15 11.54
    5V 5.20 5.08 5.05 5.06 4.98
    3.3V 3.46 3.41 3.41 3.40 3.38
    Efficiency 29% 74% 75% 71% 63%
    Power Factor .53 .70 .68 .72 ..73

    Temperature under load = 34.8.  Temps didn't rise after power off, but got as high as 54.1 during the full load.

    Power factor is an option for this power supply.  As tested, the power supply had a PF average of 74%.  Not bad, and actually better than the Mad Dog.

    This power supply exhibited a lot of the same "issues" as the Mad Dog.  As long as the 12V was what was fully loaded, all of the rails looked good.  And as with most newer power supplies, if I load up the 5V, the 12V rises.  But the odd thing this, and the Mad Dog, did was the 12V dropped out of spec when both the 12V and 5V were pumped up.

    I managed to get 554W out of this power supply by leaving the 12V rail at 30A and the 5V at 35A.  The 12V started creeping back up and I bet if I lowered the 12V back down, the voltage would start to come back up even more just as it did with the Mad Dog.

    Despite knowing my loads are unrealistic on the extreme end of the spectrum (you're not going to load a PC up this much for this long of period of time,) I'm still going to count this exhibition of flakiness as a point against.

    With added features like the "5-minute ramain running" fan (Superflower didn't come up with a neat term for this) and the quieter 140MM fan that kept things VERY cool, this PSU get's another half of a point over the Mad Dog.  The lower price gives it yet another half of a point!

    This power supply gets an overall rating of 8.5.

    I want to thank Spectre from over at [H]ardForums for letting me borrow his power supply.  I'm glad I didn't blow it up. I want to also thank Ice Czar for his insightfulness as wisdom.  If anyone has any suggestions or would like to send a power supply in for review, please contact me.

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