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    Typematrix EZ-Reach 2020 Keyboard
    Author: Talon
    Date Posted:10/10/2004 10:37.24
    SLRating: SLRating: 8/10
    Bottom Line: Lightweight and sturdy keyboard fits on a laptop as well as a tabletop. Vertical key columns improve typing speed at cost of losing accuracy after going back to a normal keyboard.

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    Performance Continued

    We mentioned earlier that the EZ-Reach was small in comparison to other keyboards, a nice feature of the keyboard that allowed a mouse to be placed closer to the hands. Well, with the smaller size comes sacrifice in dedicated keys.

    If you had not noticed earlier from the pictures of the EZ-Reach, the entire Numpad has been chopped off and integrated into the main body of the keyboard. In order to utilize these keys, you must depress a special Function Key.

    So if you wanted to type the number 456789 you must press down the Function (Fn) key - then use the integrated numpad - to avoid typing the first priority keys for these numbers, which would yield ./l; .

    Other important keys that have been integrated as a secondary function of other keys include the following: Page Up, Page Down, Insert, Home, and End as to (Fn)F11, (Fn)F12, (Fn)F8, (Fn)F9, and (Fn)F10 respectively.

    The integrated keys proved to be an inconvenience, but a minor one at that. We were already getting used to pressing the Function key to toggle the secondary roles of many keys within a week, and over time, pressing Function will most likely become as second nature as pressing Shift is to you now.

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