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    Ultra X-Connect 500W Titanium PSU
    Author: JonnyGuru
    Date Posted:20/03/2005 06:13.42
    SLRating: SLRating: 8.5/10
    Bottom Line: We took a detailed look at the Ultra X-Connect 500W Titanium PSU, it's got modular cables, lights, windows and a shiny finish. But how did it compare and perform to the other PSU's we reviewed?

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    Smallish Heat Sinks

    Heat sinks in the Ultra power supplies has always been a point of contention for me. Most people say that they "look" too small. I have to admit that they are smaller than almost every other brand power supply I've seen in this price range, but the folks at Ultra stand behind their decision to use these heat sinks. Although the perception that the smallish heat sinks means the power supplies must be "cheap," they were used for a reason. With the larger components required to manufacture a decent 500W power supply capable of "continuous power," smaller heat sinks needed to be used to help maintain airflow between the two fans. This is why the X-Connect isn't available in a 600W model where the X-Finity is. There simply isn't enough room inside your typical PSU housing to make one. Think about this: If this power supply wasn't this beefy inside, say like the Powmax I'm also reviewing this week, there'd be plenty of room for larger heat sinks. What's more important? A well built power supply or large heat sinks on a piece of crap?

    There are better designs. Take a look at the inside of a PSU made by Topower like the Raid Max I just got done reviewing. That power supply has fins going in every which direction.  There's more surface area to dissipate heat inside the Raid Max. The fans on the Raid Max also spin a lot slower and are a lot quieter.

    A little Chinese bird told me that the Ultra power supplies are "carefully tested under load with the fans spinning at no more than 3000 RPM in an effort to determine how large the heat sinks really need to be." I'm wondering if this test is done in the same unrealistic 25 degrees Celsius lab that most manufacturers do their tests at, because although I've yet to have a heat related issue with an Ultra power supply, I've yet to have my own Ultra power supply fans NOT spin right up to full RPM within 15 minutes of being powered up, even when it's only 75 degrees in the house. Would larger heat sinks prevent this?

    Here's another angle of the X-Connect with it's top off.

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