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    Ultra Wizard ATX Case MS Blue w/ Blue UV Side Panel
    Author: jonnyGURU
    Date Posted:09/01/2005 13:53.27
    SLRating: SLRating: 9/10
    Bottom Line: If you're looking for a smart and durable shorter stature case, with a window and only plan on using 1 external 3 1/2" device and no more than three internal 3 1/2" devices then the Ultra Wizard may be the one for you.

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    My final observation is the lack of feet. There isn't even little rubber stick on feet. After finding out how easily the case slid across my terrazzo floors, my wife and I decided to play some Curling in the kitchen with the case. It was fun to watch my wife use a Clorox Ready-Mop to "sweep" the "ice." But I digress. A case needs feet. Otherwise it's going to slide about your office floor or desk. Having metal on wood, or tile or whatever is just not good. Maybe it was supposed to come with feet and they just didn't make it in my box.

    Now that it has been three weeks since I initially received the case and we're finally at the end of my review, I can tell you about the durability of the case. Because of work and Christmas... being hungover during New Year's weekend... I've been too busy to write this review in one or two days like I usually do, so the case has been with my 2-year old in my kitchen and living room and bouncing around the back of the company van. I can say without a doubt the finish is durable. The case survived without a single scratch. Not even the acrylic window suffered a scratch despite my daughter's best efforts. The only damage I managed to incur was pushing in the rear fan grill with my hand. This happened fairly easily because steel is not very durable when it's thin and then you perforate it, but it pushed back out easily enough and by installing a fan in the back, the steel will be reinforced and not dent in again.

    Overall, I give this case a score of "9". Here's how that breaks down:


    • NICE, durable finish.
    • NICE, thick UV reactive acrylic side panel
    • Great dimensions for someone wanting a small case: 16" tall, 19" deep, 7.8" wide
    • Accepts most ATX motherboards, despite smaller stature
    • Ass loads of 3 1/2" bays. RAID array anyone?
    • Front USB AND Firewire. Thank you.
    • Adjustable Air Duct and snazzy "Ultra" grill


    • Thinner steel then I'd like to see
    • Lower two 3 1/2" bays may interfere with board install/remove
    • All rivets. No screws. Can't remove anything and no removable motherboard tray

    Personal complaints:

    • Should I have received rubber stick-on feet?
    • Only one external 3 1/2" bay. Should have at least two
    • A LOT darker blue than I expected, although it's still a VERY nice color and VERY good finish

    Now, a lot of these pro's and con's may or may not apply to most people out there. If you're looking for a shorter stature case, with a window and only plan on using 1 external 3 1/2" device and no more than three internal 3 1/2" devices (leaving the bottom two drive bays empty) then the only draw backs this case really has is the thin steel and the lack of removable motherboard tray. This is why I don't hesitate to give this case such a good score.

    SLRating: 9/10

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