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    PowerColor Radeon 9200 SE Review
    Author: Andrew Chie
    Date Posted: December 5th, 2003
    SLRating: SLRating: 7.5/10
    Bottom Line: With all the excitement of the high end video cards on the market today, we tend to forget that not all of us have $300-$500 to spend. Today, PowerColor brings us the Radeon 9200 SE. Aimed at the budget consumer for as little as $53 retail, we put it to the test and find out if the performance is worth the price.

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    This model of the Radeon 9200 SE has 64mb of DDR ram and uses a heatsink only instead of the normal heatsink fans usually installed on video cards. This is already a plus side to those who believe silence is golden. The 9200 SE came in its retail PowerColor packaging. Inside was the Radeon 9200 SE, a low profile bracket for those who donít use a LCD monitor, a RCA cable, drivers, and manual.

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