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  • May 16th, 2021 - 10:39 PM EST
    SLCentralSite InfoWho We AreJonnyGURU

    Columnist/Occasional Editor

    jonnyGURU was born Jean-Claude Gerow on January 29, 1971 off of an exit in New Jersey. The handle jonnyGURU has been in place for half of jonny's life and is a combination of his nick name (Jean-Claude is so long winded) and a common mispronunciation of his last name. Currently Jonny is married and has two cats (they're easier to take care of compared to kids).

    Jonny's computer life started in the mid 80s when his parents bought him his Coleco ADAM computer (they wanted him to be able to keep playing his ColecoVision cartridges AND have a computer). Jonny installed 5.25 floppies and a modem into the plastic prodigy and learned z80 assembly language, installed CP/M 2.2 and wrote his own BBS program. On this BBS, users would trade crack codes for software, phone phreak codes and credit card numbers, and occasional G-Files. In reflection, the BBS was obviously bad news and a very bad judgement call. Fortunately, for Jonny, one of the users of the BBS's home was raided by the FBI and all of their computer equiptment was confiscated. This scared the living Buddha out of Jonny. Others had told Jonny that the FBI raid was related to a car that this person had apparently bombed, but Jonny was under the impression that people don't blow up cars, but rather robots with sophisticated computer brains blow up cars.

    Jonny sold everything and moved out of his mother's house.

    In the early 90s, Jonny picked up a 386 and began leaning about the internet. Jonny learned HTML and began making webpages. In the mid 90s, Jonny's work was spotted by then computer store manager, Mark S. and Jonny was hired on to do the store's website, ads and price sheet. Jonny became Mark's protege and Seeing that doing desktop publishing for one computer store wasn't going to be a full time job, Mark helped move Jonny to sales and eventually tech, and finally technical support.

    Jonny started writing for SLCentral as a winner of a contest Dave had held looking for a new columnist. For some reason, he's stuck around.

    Currently, in the "real world", Jonny works testing compatability issues on new products, testing returned product and helping others troubleshoot hardware issues over the phone for a large online vendor in Florida.

    Daniel Topler - Chief Editor
    John Shi - Senior Editor
    Steve Montague - Moderator
    Leht Samson - Editor

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