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  • A Guru's World #11 - Another Day In The Life As A PC Tech
    September 18th, 2000
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    RANT ONE (Just because your a tech, doesn't mean you can't ask for advice)

    This guy came in with a 503+ motherboard claiming that it was defective.

    He said that the machine would constantly pop up with registry errors.

    I like dealing with computer parts in such a large volume because you can use percentages of returned product in relation to product sold to make a point. And using numbers make you sound intelligent.

    I asked him if had he tried another CPU in the motherboard. He said no.

    This is why I asked: Of all the stuff I've tested in the past, when I get chronic registry errors, 70% of the time I'll replace the processor and the problem goes away. 20% of the time it's the motherboard. I'll give 5% to RAM and 5% to "other". See? I used numbers. Pretty intelligent, eh?

    So I test his board with my 500 MHz K6 processor. It works flawlessly. I ran BCM for a couple loops and it never crashed. While it was running I decided to talk to the guy.

    I said to him that the problem he was having was likely the CPU.

    Of course he has to point out that he got that from us as well like it would make any difference. "No, sorry sir. Only one visit per customer, per day. You'll have to come back tomorrow with that CPU!".

    I told him that if he had called tech support first I would've told him to bring both in and if he wants to call me when he gets home we could go over a few things.

    Now here the part that struck me funny:

    He said he was a tech and therefore didn't need to call our tech support.


    I know that I can be pretty cocky, but I swear that I'll ALWAYS ask the other tech, ASI's tech, AMD's tech, you guys, etc. for advice if there is ever a shadow of doubt in my mind that I could be wrong.

    Nope. Not this guy. He's SUCH A GOOD tech that he needs NOBODY'S help in ANY matter.

    Whew! Fruit loopy if you ask me! I can only figure that he just hasn't been a tech for long. Sort of reminds me of when I managed the bicycle shop. We would get kids in all of the time that would BEG to work for us. We learned that the guy you WOULDN'T hire out of the bunch is the guy that insisted he knew everything. If someone insists that they know everything, then how can they be accepting to learn something "new"? And, certainly you can't tell me that some kid that built a dozen BMX bike for friends necessarily knows one thing about overhauling a Sturmey Archer 3 speed never mind a Bendix kick back 2 speed! ;-)

    I replaced the board for him anyway because I could use the 503+ myself, and told him that when he realizes that the problem is actually the CPU because I replaced his good board with another good board, he can come on in and we'll swap it for him!

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    Discuss this article Open a printer-friendly version of this article
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    Author: JonnyGURU
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