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  • A Guru's World #16 - Turning The Tables
    January 31st, 2001
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    I bought this book the other day.

    The Waldenbooks on the corner was closing down so every book was 15% off. This and my Preferred Reader card took another 10% off of my purchase, so the need to buy a few books was irresistible.

    The book I bought was the Sybex paperback “MCSE Complete Core Requirements”.

    It’s 1000 pages of MCSE objectives. It’s sort of like Cliff Notes for the MCSE. I bought it because it was under $15 after discounts and I thought it would be good bathroom reading.

    At work, I told the other tech at my work place that I had bought this book and the look on his face had changed to a horrific pale white.

    I said to him, “No, really. It’s great. It’s 1,000 pages and it just has blurb on every section of the test and a quick little practice exam at the end of each chapter. I read it in the bathroom. I read it before bed. It’s fun.”

    The other tech now has a look on his face as if I told him that he wouldn’t be leaving the room alive. Although most days I feel like killing this guy, today he was acting well behaved so I was a bit confused about his look. “What’s wrong with my book?”

    “Don’t you realize that any jerk off the street can buy that book, memorize it and still not know nearly as much as they should to even get by and get an MCSE and then call you or me ever hour on the hour when they run into a problem because it wasn’t covered on the test or their little 1,000 page paperback?” He seemed actually quite serious about his opinion about my little book.

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    Author: JonnyGURU
    Date: 1/31/01
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