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  • A Guru's World #2 - Another Day In The Life As A PC RMA Technician
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    RANT ONE (It fired right up)

    I had a rough day.

    I work as a tech in a mail order warehouse. Part of my job is handling RMAs. An RMA is a product that is returned to us by a consumer using a Return Merchandise Authorization.

    Today started with two motherboards and a CPU. All three pieces were returned because they were "dead". No boot. No life. Guess what...

    First was a BCM QS750. The customer swore up and down that the board never booted. He said he had two others just like them and did not have a problem with them, so I assumed he knew what he was doing. I got the board back, and it fired right up. The first observation was how many things were changed in the BIOS. There was so many changes made, that I had to clear the CMOS just so I could boot up into Windows with my hard drive. But he told me this board was dead!?!

    The next RMA was for a AMD Athlon 550. Returned for a credit. Again, the RMA reads "dead". I popped the CPU into the other customer's BCM QS750 and guess what....

    It fired right up.

    So I boot into Windows and run SiSoft Sandra on it. Everything is up to snuff. I decide to let a few loops of BCM Diagnostic run (a GREAT burn in program) while I move on to the next RMA.

    This next board is an Asus K7M. Reason for return is "dead". Before I even looked at the board, I yelled and screamed about how he shipped it. He took the K7M box and wrapped it in brown paper (like a grocery bag) and slapped a label on it. The box was SMASHED. I thought for sure that I would open this and find EVERY CAPACITOR that was over 1/2" tall broken off. Much to my amazement, the board was in good condition. This guy is one lucky bastard.

    Upon further inspection of the board, I noticed something unbelievable; every jumper and dipswitch on the board was in the complete OPPOSITE position then what it should be. That put this board at 110 MHz with a core voltage of 2.05V. It should be a default of 100 MHz and a default of 1.65V. At least when working with a board that does not even boot.

    I didn't even TRY the board until I switched all of the jumpers and dipswitches back to default. I took the 550 out of the BCM and put it into the Asus. Guess what...

    It fired right up.

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    Discuss this article Open a printer-friendly version of this article
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    Author: JonnyGURU
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