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    SLCentralArticlesArticles May 9th, 2021 - 9:38 PM EST
    A Guru's World #22: Mishaps
    Author: JonnyGURU
    Date Posted: August 20th, 2001


    I see a lot of crazy things at work. I know that a lot of you guys and gals that work with computers on a daily basis see your share as well.

    For me, it is important to bring my camera to work whenever possible so I can capture these moments for history and prosterity. Some of the stories are just too out there for others to believe.

    Sometimes large boards require large cases. The four SIMM slots in the upper right are rendered useless.

    This is what you get when the postal service sends a DIMM shipped in an envelope through a sorter. I don't blame the post office. I blame the person that thought it would make it to the destination in one piece!

    To the left: Where the stand off should line up. To the right: Where the stand off actually was installed!

    When good video cards go bad. This is why overclocking a video card is a bad thing.

    When trying to pry the heat spreader off the top of a processor, one should be a bit careful. Never mind... Just don't pry off the heat spreader.

    Once the modem completely forms the cocoon, you know that in time it will evolve into a beautiful butterfly...

    What do I do with all of the defective motherboards I get? Practice darts, of course!

    Wow! If you don't set the jumpers right on this board, they catch fire! This customer jumped 1-4 and 2-5 instead of 1-2 and 4-5. DOH!

    Hmm.... Where'd the die from this CPU go?

    There it is!

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