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  • A Guru's World #5 - Ah Weekends!
    Date Not Available
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    I used to be a cyclist.

    I used to build and work on my own bikes.

    I then landed a job as a Bike Shop mechanic, and eventually managed the shop. I eventually started up a shop of my own.

    I worked on bicycles all day, five and a half (Saturdays were half days) days a week.

    After several years of this, those weekends that were my own no longer included working on and riding my bicycle. I found myself RATHER doing house chores like doing dishes or changing cat litter, than to even touch a bicycle.

    I found myself building my own computers on these weekends, instead. I had become pretty good at it. I had learned to make web pages and graphics on my computer. I landed a job as a Webmaster at a computer store, and after maintaining the website was no longer a full time job (once you MAKE the page, all that's left is updating it), they moved me to tech support.

    I've been a tech ever since.

    Now after doing my job as a tech for several years, I find that I only use my computer as a tool, like 95% of the customers that I help, and not as a hobby as it used to be. Just goes to show that you shouldn't make living out of what you love!

    My weekends are typically wide open now! Unfortunately, some of us just can't completely shed the skin of being a computer tech when the weekend comes.

    This particular Saturday morning, things start as usual. Make a pot of coffee and turn on the PC. Poor a cup of Joe, grab a Nutri-Grain bar and sit down to check e-mail and check the message boards.

    In my e-mail, I've got ten messages asking me questions about HTML and five asking me which I think is faster; an Athlon 500, K6-II 550 or K6-III 450. I guess I set myself up for those kinds of questions. No problem. What else do we have here? Bill Munson? Who's Bill Munson? A customer from my work? How did he get my home E-mail address? Oh well it's just a quick question. I'll just go ahead and answer it.

    "Why is my K7V not booting?"

    OK…. Here we go: "Pull all cards except video card. Try again. Disconnect all cables (IDE, floppy, keyboard, front panel LEDs, etc.) and try again."

    That was easy enough. Oh look! An ICQ message from my friend James. I haven't talked to him in almost a month! Let's see what we've been up to lately.

    "My brother in law is updating the computers in his office and is giving me one of the old PCs. I want to know if you can help me upgrade it."

    Ugh. Let's change the subject quick, James! "Sure, we can look at it sometime. How's your mom doing? What's your sister been up to?"

    Another message comes back not five seconds later. "They're fine. The computer has a K6 233 in it and SIMMs. There are no DIMM slots. Do they still sell SIMMs? The video card is only two meg. Do they make any PCI video cards with more than 8 meg on it? I want to play Quake 3."

    Hmm… Guess he didn't get the hint. Let's try something else. "Find out what the lowest voltage the motherboard allows so we know how fast of a chip can go in it. They still sell SIMMs but they're expensive and my work may not carry PCI video cards anymore unless they are low end. Call me on Monday for availability. Heard you went to the ELO concert down in West Palm! Was that any good? I heard they stunk after Jeff Lynne left."

    "Well… I'll call you on Monday! Bye." - User "James" has gone offline.

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    Discuss this article Open a printer-friendly version of this article
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    Author: JonnyGURU
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